The International MEDCOAST Conference on:

Wind and Wave Climate of the Mediterranean & the Black Sea

30 March - 2 April, 1999 Dedeman Hotel, Antalya, Turkey

WIND and WAVE CLIMATE 99 Conference  was supported and sponsored by international and local organizations including;  NATO Science for Stability Programme (SfS) as the main sponsor, METU, British Council in Ankara, Turkish National Committee on Coastal Management and Turkish Ministry of Tourism.



Monday (29 March 1999): Registration (14:00 - 18:00)

                                         Welcoming reception (18:00 - 19:30)


30 March 1999


31 March 1999


01 April 1999


02 April 1999

Session 1

Opening &

Measurement Techniques

Session 5

Modelling II


Session 7

Forecasting Systems

Session 11

Nearshore Effects

Coffee Breaks

Session 2

On-Going Gauging Programs

Session 6

Hindcasting Studies

Session 8

Long Term Statistics

Session 12

Engineering Applications

Lunch Breaks

Session 3

Data Analysis and Short Term Statistics

Organized Joint Activity:

"Excursion to the coast of South East Antalya Tourism Development Project"

Session 9

Wind & Wave


Session 13

Papers at Large &


Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Free Time

Session 4

Modelling I



Session 10

Databases and Atlases




Session 1: Opening Session & Measurement Techniques:

1.0. Welcome Addresses.

1.1. S.A. Grodsky and V.N. Kudryavtsev: Aircraft investigation of 2-D surface wave spectra in the Black Sea. (UA)

1.2. P. Queffeulou: Altimeter wind and wave measurements in fetch limited conditions. (FR)


Session 2: On-Going Gauging Programs:

2.1. E. Özhan and S. Abdalla: NATO TU-WAVES wave gauging program along the coasts of the Black Sea and Turkey. (TR)

2.2. V.V. Efimov: Wind-wave studies in the north-western part of the Black Sea. (UA)

2.3. C.C. Kao, L.Z. Chuang, Y. Lin and B. Lee: An Introduction to the Operational Data Buoy System in Taiwan. (TW)


Session 3: Data Analysis and Short Term Statistics:

3.1. S. Abohadima and M. Isobe: On wave nonlinearity parameters. (JP)

3.2. M.V. Shokurov: Integral wind wave parameters for fetch limited conditions in the Black Sea. (UA)

3.3. A. Boukhanovsky, B. Divinsky, R. Kos'yan, L. Lopatoukhin, S. Abdalla and E. Özhan: Short-term wave statistics by the measurements of the buoy near the Russian coast of the Black Sea. (RU)

3.4. E. Bilyay, B. Özbahçeci, R. Koh and S. Abdalla: Statistical and spectral characteristics of measured wave data at Filyos Port, Turkey. (TR)


Session 4: Modelling I (General):

4.1. I.V. Lavrenov: Some new result of non-linear energy transfer in the wind wave spectrum. (RU)

4.2. L.J. Lopatoukhin, A.V. Boukhanovsky, V.A. Rozhkov and B.V. Divinsky: Climatic wave spectra of the Black Sea. (RU)

4.3. C.R. Sánchez-Carratalá and M.H. Giménez: Error evaluation of non-recursive filters for ocean wave modeling. (ES)

4.4. M.H. Giménez, C.R. Sánchez-Carratalá and I. Salinas: Encounter probability of false waves using the analytic envelope. (ES)


Session 5: Modelling II (Numerics):

5.1. P. Avilez-Valente and F.J. Seabra-Santos: An accurate numerical method for water wave propagation. (PT)

5.2. V. Innocentini, E.S.C. Neto, L. Cavaleri: A Comparative study of the WAM and a second generation wave model in the Mediterranean Sea. (BR)

5.3. A.A. Rabie: Numerical simulation of long waves propagation. (JP)

5.4. V. Kalmykov: Wave modeling in the Los-Angeles Bay. (US)


Session 6: Hindcasting Studies:

6.1. S. Abdalla and E. Özhan: Wind and wave hindcasting in the Black Sea: The question of reliable wind fields. (TR)

6.2. I. Kabatchenko, G. Matoushevskiy, V. Polnikov and M. Zaslavskii: Strategy of hindcasting extreme wind and wind waves criteria in the Black Sea. (RU)

6.3. L. Cavaleri, L. Bertotti, J. Bidlot, M. Sclavo, G. Mørk, S. Barstow, G. Athanassoulis and C. Stefanakos: Hindcast and calibration of the wave conditions in the Black Sea. (IT)

6.4. S. Ponce de León A. and A. Sánchez-Arcilla: Sensitivity of a wave model to the wind input in the Catalan coast. (ES)


Session 7: Forecasting Systems:

7.1. M. Stiassnie and M. Glozman: Sea-21 forecasting operability of marine installations. (IL)

7.2. I. Gertman, S. Kariel, L. Raskin and D.S. Rosen: Sea surface wind and wave forecasting system for the Eastern Mediterranean. (IL)


Session 8: Long Term Statistics:

8.1. V.A. Rozhkov, A.V. Boukhanovsky and L.J. Lopatoukhin: A method for calculation of extreme metocean events. (RU)

8.2. A.V. Boukhanovsky, I.V. Lavrenov, L.J. Lopatoukhin, V.A. Rozhkov, B.V. Divinsky, R.D. Kos'yan, E. Özhan and S. Abdalla: Persistence wave statistics for Black and Baltic Seas. (RU)

8.3. J. Witte, P. Frohle, T. Fittschen and S. Kohlhase: Assessment of long-term directional wave conditions based on nearshore wind-wave correlations. (DE)

8.4. P. Frohle and S. Kohlhase: Statistical assessment of sea state within extreme events. (DE)


Session 9: Wind and Wave Climatology:

9.1. M. Prsic, A. Smircic and N. Lede: Adriatic high sea state characteristics. (HR)

9.2. A. Perlin and E. Kit: Wave climate evaluation for sedimentological studies. (IL)

9.3. P. Ivanov: Wind climate in Cape Kaliakra region based on the WAsP Program software calculations. (BG)


Session 10: Databases and Atlases:

10.1. S. Abdalla and E. Özhan: Wind and wave climate atlas of the Turkish coasts and the Black Sea: Methods and presentation. (TR)

10.2. L. Cavaleri, G.A. Athanassoulis and S. Barstow: Eurowaves: The easy approach to the evaluation of the local wave climatology. (IT)

10.3. D. Hurdle, P. van der Bosch, E. Özhan and S. Abdalla: Design and application of a wave climate data base for Turkish waters and the Black Sea. (NL)


Session 11: Nearshore Effects:

11.1. H.J. Verhagen, B. Savov: Sea breeze generated waves and coastal morphology. (NL)

11.2. Z. Cherneva: Wind wave in the coastal zone as a nonlinear probability process. (BG)

11.3. M. Sclavo and L. Cavaleri: Sensitivity analysis on the transfer of wave conditions to a coastal location. (IT)


Session 12: Engineering Applications:

12.1. E.N. Corona, V.J. Cardone, R.C. Stamey and T. Ula_: Hindcast data role on offshore development West Black Sea. (US)

12.2. I. Kantardgi: Wave-current interaction: Fundamental problems and applications in coastal engineering. (RU)

12.3. M. Venturi and F. Gianfelici: One-dimensional model for wave dynamics and long-shore sediment transport across the surf zone over real bathymetric profiles. (I)


Session 13: Papers at Large & Closing Session.


The following programme has been arranged for the participants and/or accompanying persons:

- Monday 29 March (18:00-19:30): Welcoming reception.

- Tuesday 30 March (20:00-22:00): Turkish night.

- Wednesday 31 March (13:30-18:00): Excursion to the coast of South East Antalya Tourism Development Project.

- Thursday 1 April (20:00-23:00): Gala dinner.



In addition to the social events common with the participants, the following trips are organized for the accompanying persons:

- Tuesday 30 March (14:00-17:30): Guided Antalya-City Tour.

- Thursday 1 April (9:00-17:30): Ancient Pamphilian Cities: Perge-Aspendos-Side.

- Friday 2 April (9:00-17:30): Yacht tour to ancient Phaselis.

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