All events and activities of the MEDCOAST Network is organized by MEDCOAST Secretariat (Ankara, Turkey). The institutes which have been formally collaborating under the umbrella of MEDCOAST Network are: 
1.  Middle East Technical University, Turkey            
  (Erdal ÖZHAN- Ayşen ERGİN)              
2.  Coastal Zone Management Center, The Netherlands          
  (Frank van der Meulen)              
3.  University of Genoa, Italy              
  (Adalberto VALLEGA)              
4.  Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands      
  (Jentje van der WEIDE)              
5.  International Center for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies, ICCOPS, Italy      
  (Adalberto VALLEGA)              
6.  Turkish National Committee on CZM, Turkey          
  (Erdal ÖZHAN)                
7.  Air-Water-Terra Ltd., UK              
  (Allan Williams)                
8.  Catalonian University of Technology, Spain            
  (Agustin Sanchez ARCILLA)              
9.  University of Malta, Malta              
  (Anton MICALLEF)                
10.  Israel Institute of Technology, TECHNION, Israel          
  (Michael STIASSNIE)              
11.  University of Corse Pascal Paoli, France            
  (Gerard PERGENT)                
12.  Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Italy
  (Vittorio BARALE)                
13.  UNEP - Mediterranean Action Plan - Priority Actions Program Regional Activity Center (PAP/RAC),Croatia
  (Ivica TRUMBIC)                
14.  University of Alexandria, Egypt              
  (Sayed Hassan Sharaf EL-DIN)              
15. National Institute for Marine Science and Technology, Tunisia        
  (Amor EL ABED)                
MEDCOAST is in the process of establishing as an International MEDCOAST Center for Coastal Management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. (Affiliated to Middle East Technical University) and as MEDCOAST Foundation, a non-profit scientific & environmental organization. 


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