International Training Program on
Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean

27 August - 13 September 1996, Ankara - Marmaris / Fethiye - Capadocia, T U R K E Y





The MEDCOAST Institute 96, the international training program on the theme of "Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean/Black Sea" was organized by the MEDCOAST Secreteriat between 27 August - 13 September 1996 in Ankara, Marmaris, Cappadocia - Turkey.

The program of MEDCOAST Institute 96 consisted of three parts:

  • A week long in-class training including formal lectures by the faculty on various topics related to ICZM in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and presentation by participants, to be held in the attractive campus of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara (27 August - 30 August).


  • A week long field observations and study trip on three traditional wooden boats, sailing along the coast from Marmaris to Fethiye, and anchoring at locations of significant coastal features, coastal conservation and/or development activities for observations, applied research and interviews with various actors of coastal zone management (31 August - 7 September).

    The topics to be selected for field investigations given to the participants are as follows:

    1. Water quality management, water pollution.
    2. Beaches and beach management. (*)
    3. Yacht tourism and environmental impacts.
    4. Fisheries. (*)
    5. Role of municipalities in CZM. (*)
    6. Environmental infrastructure.
    7. Tourism. (*)
    8. Coastal resources and uses. (*)
    9. Marinas.
    10. Coastal land use planning. (*)
    11. Specially protected areas, and their management. (*)
    12. Agriculture and impacts. (*)
    13. Endangered species and their management. (*)
    14. Habitats and wildlife management.
    15. Urbanization.
    16. Environmental impacts in general of various developments.
    17. Environmentally friendly developments and practices.
    18. Coastal use conflicts. (*)
    19. Solid waste management and marine litter.
    20. Wetlands and their management. (*)

      (*) selected topics


  • A week long concluding workshop with "hands on" training, including lectures by the faculty on topics relevant to the field trip, presentations by participants on their field observations, group discussion sessions, and a half-day long " simulation game" on a CZM scenario, to be held at a hotel in Cappadocia (9 September - 13 September).

    The exercises carried out and presentations given by the participants during the MEDCOAST INSTITUTE 96 are listed below:

    1. Coastal uses and problems at national and regional levels: The Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean and Western Mediterranean (Group work).
    2. Presentations of participants on national CZM issues and practices (Group work).
    3. Introduction to functions of nature and environmental function evaluation exercise.
    4. Presentations of participants on their observations during the field study along the coast between Marmaris and Fethiye on assigned topics.
    5. Sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean and Black Sea (Group discussion)
    6. Management plan for Dalyan Specially Protected Area (Group discussion)
    7. Environmental impacts and use conflicts at Sar_germe-Dalaman coast
    8. Functions of nature and environmental function evaluation exercise.
    9. Simulation Game

Each participant of the MEDCOAST INSTITUTE received a set containing the lecture notes discussed during the one-week intensive training at METU and five-days long training in Cappadocia and references relevant to each lecture of the Faculty Members. The list of all documents distributed, grouped under the names of the Faculty Members.

Twenty-two selected participants from Algeria, Tunisia, Romania, Bulgaria, Gaza Strip, Italy, Malta, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Israel and Turkey participated at MEDCOAST Institute 96.

The MEDCOAST INSTITUTE awarded a CERTIFICATE in Coastal Zone Management to the participants who successfully completed the course work, the field investigation, and the final workshop.


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