2-5 November 1993, Antalya, Turkey



The Mediterranean coastal environment is beset by many serious problems which threaten its rich ecological and cultural values. At the same time, the continually increasing level of demand for the limited and stressed resources provides a formidable challenge to bordering countries for rational and sustainable land, water, and resource management and development. Moreover, critical management and conservation problems such as the control of water pollution due to ever increasing agricultural, industrial and urban developments in coastal areas, require international collaboration to protect the lands, waters, and living resources of the Mediterranean Sea.

The need for coastal and sea resource management in the Mediterranean at both national and international levels has been recognized for more than two decades. Serious efforts at both levels have been made to meet this need. Recently, the need to develop national integrated coastal zone management systems which are intended to provide for comprehensive management of coastal and sea space and resources has been recognized internationally. At this stage, an international conference to review the experiences gained from both international and national efforts in coastal zone management over the last two decades is timely.

MEDCOAST 93 will start an internationally administered conference series focusing on the conservation and sustainable use of Mediterranean coastal and sea resources. Witnessing the highly satisfactory response to the first conference, I am extremely happy to note that our initiative has been well taken.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I welcome you all to MEDCOAST 93 and to the City and Bay of Antalya, a lovely example of the Mediterranean coastal setting. Apart from a good conference, I am confident that you will have a nice time in Antalya!

Erdal Özhan

Organized by:

  • Turkish National Committee on Coastal Zone Management (KAY)
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Under the auspices of

​Mrs. Catherine Lalumière,The Secretary General, Council of Europe

Co-sponsored by:

  • Delft Hydraulics, EUCC,
  • Univ.of Massachusetts-Boston,
  • Arab Urban Development Institute,
  • Turkish Ministries of Environment and Tourism,
  • Municipality of Antalya, TUBITAK,
  • British Council in Turkey, GAMA Inc.,
  • Yüksel Proje International Inc.


Prof.Dr. Erdal ÖZHAN
Middle East Technical University, Turkey.



Prof. Jack H. ARCHER
University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.



President, International Coastal and Ocean Organization (ICO), Sri Lanka.

Dr. El-Hafid Tabet-AOUL
Président Directeur Général, Laboratoire d'Etudes Maritimes, Algeria.

Prof. A. Sanchez-ARCILLA
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain.

Prof. Frédéric BRIAND
Director, Commission Internationale pour L'exploration Scientifique de la Mer Méditerranée (CIESM), Monaco.

The Coordinator, Mediterranean Action Plan, Athens, Greece.

Editor-in-Chief, Jour. Ocean & Coastal Management, Delaware, USA.

Prof. Paolo FABBRI
University of Bologna, Italy.

Editor-in-Chief, Jour. Ocean & Coastal Management, Delaware, USA.

Prof. Gianfranco LIBERATORE
University of Padova, Italy.

Director, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Marine Contamination Hazards, Malta.

National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Director, Regional Activity Centre, Priority Action Projects, UNEP - M.A.P., Croatia.

President, Association EUROCOAST, France.

Dr. Hilel RUBIN
Director, CAMERI-Technion, Israel.

Dr. Albert SALMAN
Secretary General, European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC), The Netherlands.

University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.

Dr. Marcel J.F. STIVE
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain.

Prof. Adalberto VALLEGA
President, International Center for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (ICCOPS), Italy.

Dr. Lynda WARREN
University of Wales & EUROCOAST UK, UK.

Mr. J. van der WEIDE
Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands.

University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK.



All activities of MEDCOAST 93 (short course, conference, exhibition) will take place at Hotel Dedeman (*****) in Antalya, Turkey.


The language of MEDCOAST 93 is English.



Prof. Erdal ÖZHAN
Middle East Technical University
Chairman, Turkish National Committee on Coastal Zone Management


General Director, General Directorate of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Environment

General Director, General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning, Ministry of Environment

Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University

General Director, General Directorate of Investments, Ministry of Tourism

General Director, General Directorate of Information, Ministry of Tourism

Director, Foreign Relations Department, Ministry of Environment

Deputy Major, Municipality of Antalya

Middle East Technical University

Middle East Technical University

  • Mr. Melih AKALIN
  • Mr. Murat Sungur BURSA
  • Prof. Aysen ERGIN
  • Prof. Argun EVYAPAN
  • Mr. Seyhun ÖRS
  • Ms. Leyla ÖZHAN
  • Ms. Nuran TALU
  • Ms. Suheyla UYSAL
  • Ms. Lale HAPOGLU (Conference Secretary)
  • Mr. Atila URAS (Conference Secretary)


  • Council of Europe
  • Association EUROCOAST
  • International Coastal and Ocean Organization (ICO)
  • UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan
  • UNDP
  • Delft Hydraulics
  • European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC)
  • University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • Arab Urban Development Institute
  • Turkish National Committee on Coastal Zone Management (KAY)
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Turkish Ministry of Environment
  • Turkish Ministry of Tourism
  • Municipality of Antalya
  • Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK)
  • British Council in Turkey
  • Yüksel Proje International Inc.
  • GAMA Inc.


Monday   Registration and exhibits (14:00-18:00); 
         Welcoming reception (18:00-19:30).         

        Tuesday     Wednesday    Thursday     Friday

 9:00   Opening     Sessions     Sessions     Sessions
        session     3A,3B,3C     5A,5B,5C     9A,9B,9C

10:10   Coffee      Coffee       Coffee       Coffee 
        break       break        break        break

10:30   Keynote     Sessions     Sessions     Sessions
        session     4A,4B,4C     6A,6B,6C     10A,10B,10C,10D

12:30   Lunch &     Lunch        Lunch        Lunch &
        ICO Board                             JOCM Board
        Meeting                               Meeting

14:00   Sessions    Excursion    Sessions     Closing
        1A,1B,1C                 7A,7B,7C     session

15:30   Coffee                   Coffee       Coffee
        break                    break        break

16:00   Sessions                 Sessions     ICO General
        2A,2B,2C                 8A,8B,8C     Assembly

17:30                            MEDCOAST

18:00   Exhibitors'
        reception &
        Poster session

19:00                            Cocktails

20:00   Dinner                   Gala dinner


TUESDAY (2 Nov. 1993)

Opening Session (9:00-10:00 , Aladag)

  • Welcome (Prof. E. Özhan).
  • Opening address by H.E. Riza Akçali, Minister of Environment.
  • Welcome address by Hasan Subasi, Mayor of Antalya.
  • MEDCOAST 93: Facts and figures (Prof. E. Özhan).
Coffee Break (10:00-10:30)

Keynote Session (Aladag)
10:30 A. Vallega: From the Action Plan to the Mediterranean Agenda 21. [I]
10:55 B. Cicin-Sain: Sustainable development and integrated coastal management: Applications to the Mediterranean. [USA]
11:20 R. Klomb: Lessons learned from the experience with policy decisions and supporting tools in coastal water management. [NL]
11:45 Discussion

Lunch (12:00-14:00)

Session 1A: Protected Areas (Pinarbasi)
14:00 J. Warner: Conservation issues in Northern Cyprus.
14:20 S.A. Tont & A.C. Yalçiner: A plea for marine parks. [TR]
14:40 O.A. Leontyeva & S.L. Pereshkolnik: The creation of Utrish reserve at Abrau Peninsula as the method to protect nature of the North Western Caucuses of the Black Sea coast. [RS]
15:00 M.H. Turner: New protected area strategy of the Province of British Columbia, Canada. [CDN]
15:20 Discussion

Session 1B: Water Pollution I (Aladag)
14:00 R. Delaney & J. Meyers: The planning and management of Boston Harbor: Lessons learned that are relevant to the urbanized enclosed water bodies of the Mediterranean. [USA]
14:20 S.D. Kuo: Water related pollution control in Port of Kaohsiung. [ROC]
14:40 O. Uslu: A critical evaluation of waste water treatment and disposal schemes in Turkish coastal municipalities. [TR]
15:00 Discussion

Session 1C: Remote Sensing (Pulpinar) 14:00 S. Kapdasli & D. Maktav: The determination of river-sea interaction with the help of satellite images. [TR]
14:20 V. Barale & S. Folving: Remote sensing of coastal interactions in the Mediterranean region. [I]
14:40 D. Maktav & S. Kapdasli: Monitoring of coastal zone by remote sensing technology. [TR]
15:00 H._. Sur & C. Saydam: Satellite observations of coastal and open sea features in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. [TR]
15:20 Discussion

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)

Session 2A: Marine Flora (Pinarbasi)
16:00 L.R. Little & M.A. Maun: Salt tolerance of coastal and lacustrine varieties of Lathyrus maritumus with evolutionary implications. [CND]
16:20 L. Mazzella et al.: The Mediterranean seagrass system of "Posidonia oceanica and Cymodocea nodosa": A comparative overview. [I]
16:40 H. Augier et al.: Posidonia oceanica reimplantation technology of the marine gardeners is now operational on a large scale. [F]
17:00 H. Augier & J.M. Harmand-Desforges: Pleasure harbors are responsible for metallic contamination of Posidonia oceanica meadows. [F]
17:20 Discussion

Session 2B: Water Pollution II (Aladag)
16:00 O. Uslu & A. Iyilikci: Mechanisms governing the growth of algae in a coastal environment under influence of municipal wastewater discharges. [TR]
16:20 N.V. Yesin, A.V. Komarov & L.A. Karnaukhova: Pollutant transport in the Black Sea coastal zone. [RS]
16:40 K.M. Shimkus, B. Öztürk & N.V. Yesin: Oil products, heavy metals and radionuclides in the recent bottom sediments of the Marmara Sea shallow water area. [RS]
17:00 Discussion

Session 2C: Sediment Transport and Shoreline Changes I (Pulpinar)
16:00 R.D. Kos'yan: About prognosis of longshore sediment transport. [RS]
16:20 M. Capobianco et al.: Long term evolution of coastal morphology and its effects on the coastal environment. [I]
16:40 I. Katapodi & N. Kitou: A model for cross shore suspended sediment transport. [GR]
17:00 M. Favaretti & P. Ruol: Wave induced pore water pressure in a rubble-mound sea wall. [I]
17:20 Discussion

Poster Session (18:00-19:30, Exhibit Hall)

  • A. Akyarli: Marine surveys: An integral part of marine outfall design. Case studies from Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. [TR]
  • L. Cannizzaro et al.: Solid pollution in the Channel of Sicily. [I]
  • Z. Kurtulus & Y. Arisoy: Ancient harbors in Anatolia. [TR]
  • F. Küçüksezgin: Color analysis and GIS as a tool for monitoring water quality in Izmir Bay. [TR]
  • M.F. Lotfy & O.E. Frihy: Test of Bruun model based on cross-shore variations in sediment texture of the nearshore zone off the Nile Delta, Egypt. [ET]
  • E. Özhan & S. Abdalla: Wave climatology of the Turkish coast: NATO TU-WAVES Project. [TR]

WEDNESDAY (3 Nov. 1993)

Session 3A: Physical Features (Pinarbasi)
9:00 D. Iodicone, A. Perilli & E. Salusti: Cold filament dynamics in central Tyrrhenian (Western Mediterranean Sea). [I]
9:20 G.C. Cristofalo & D. Taliana: Spatial and temporal variability of a water mass formed by tidal mixing in the Strait of Mesina. [I]
9:40 H.M. Granja & G. Soares de Carvalho: A synthesis of the researches about the plistocene-holocene evolution of the NW coastal zone of Portugal. [P]
10:00 Discussion

Session 3B: Waste Management and Sea Outfalls (Aladag)
9:00 Z. Kisioglu, Ü. Yetis & T. Balkas: Waste management approach in Izmir Bay. [TR] 9:20 J.S. Galloway: Marine studies for new sea outfalls - Recommended procedures. [UK] 9:40 I. Güler: Sea outfall of Anamur. [TR] 10:00 Discussion

Session 3C: Sediment Transport and Shoreline Changes II (Pulpinar)
9:00 A. Golik et al.: On the morphodynamics of the Nile littoral cell and associated coastal erosion and protection. [IL]
9:20 M. Borg & J.A. Schembri: Recent changes along Malta's harbors. [GBY]
9:40 F.S. Ozanar: Coastal erosion in the Southern Mediterranean of Turkey: Reasons and preventive suggestions. [TR]
10:00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10:10-10:30)

Session 4A: Dune and Beach Management (Pinarbasi)
10:30 F. Van Der Meulen & A.H.P.M. Salman: Management of Mediterranean coastal dunes. [NL]
10:50 A.T. Williams et al.: An approach to coastal dune management: The North and West coastline of France. [UK]
11:10 T. Uslu & Y. Bal: Coastal dune management of Seyhan Delta. [TR]
11:30 A.T. Williams et al.: A physicological approach to attitudes and perceptions of beach users: implications for coastal zone management. [UK]
11:50 Discussion

Session 4B: Pollution and Degradation Case Studies (Aladag)
10:30 N.V. Yesin & R.D. Kos'yan: About ecological degradation of a closed bay. [RS]
10:50 A. Adelbaki & K. Tounsi: Coastal pollution and the industrial and urban development in Algeria. [DZ]
11:10 O.E. Frihy, M. El Raey & K.M. Dewidar: Evaluation of coastal problems at Alexandria, Egypt. [ET]
11:30 F.V. Gomes: The challenges to overcome the problems of NW coastal zone of Portugal. [P]
11:50 Discussion

Session 4C: Modelling (Pulpinar)
10:30 M. Sladkevich & H. Rubin: Modelling of sea currents in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba) by 2-D and 3-D models. [IL]
10:50 E. Özhan & L. Hapoglu-Balas: Application of a 3-D mathematical model for circulation and pollutant transport at Göksu Lagoon. [TR]
11:10 J.T. Juang & D.H. Tseng: The mutuality of current and pollution in Yin-Yang Bay (Taiwan). [ROC]
11:30 M. Venturi, L. Iovenitti & M. Preti: Numerical modelling of estuarine fine sediment dispersion in the coastal zone. [I]
11:50 Discussion



THURSDAY (4 Nov. 1993)

Session 5A: Tourism (Pinarbasi)
9:00 B. Holdsworth: Sustainable Tourism. [NL]
9:20 W.L. Filho: Education and public involvement in sustainable tourism in islands. [UK]
9:40 M.H. Turner: Robson Bight Checlest Bat ecological reserves and ecotourism. [CDN]
10:00 Discussion

Session 5B: Oil Pollution (Aladag)
9:00 A.J. Kuck: Management of oil pollution in coastal and offshore waters. [D]
9:20 A. Tuncan & M. Tuncan: The effect of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination on properties of marine sediments. [TR]
9:40 J.E. Lopez, E.E. Lopez & A.T. Cortes: Concerning problematic of tanker ships: A proposal for solution. [E]
10:00 Discussion

Session 5C: Beaches I (Pulpinar)
9:00 N. Bunn, K.A. Powell & A.H. Brampton: Modelling beach management schemes. [UK]
9:20 H. Hanson: Beach erosion at San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Italy. [S]
9:40 N.V. Yesin, S.B. Kuklev & M.T. Savin: Coast evolution under global sea level rise. [RS]
10:00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10:10-10:30)

Session 6A: Conservation and Preservation (Pinarbasi)
10:30 L. Franco & G. Verdesi: Ancient Mediterranean harbors: A heritage to preserve. [I]
10:50 F. Martins: The coastal conservation conception defined by municipal plans. [P]
11:10 Ö. Esmer: Transforming the Mediterranean Blue Plan into a system dynamics model. [TR]
11:30 J.K. Patterson Edward & K. Ayyakkannu: Conservation and management of molluscan fishery resources with special reference to gastropods of Gulf of Mannar, Southwest coast of India. [IND]
11:50 Discussion

Session 6B: Coastal Zone Management I (Aladag)
10:30 A. Vallega: Coastal management in the Mediterranean: A reference framework. [I]
10:50 L. Jeftic: Integrated coastal zone management in the Mediterranean Action Plan of UNEP. [GR]
11:10 S. Busuttil: Coastal management in the Mediterranean: The role of the Mediterranean Action Plan. [GR]
11:30 J.H. Archer: Coastal management initiatives in Bulgaria. [USA]
11:50 Discussion

Session 6C: Beaches II (Pulpinar)
10:30 O.E. Frihy: Beach erosion and accretion along the Nile Delta. [ET]
10:50 S. Corsini & F. Guiducci: Coastal works improvement by movable bed models. [I]
11:10 G. Liberatore, M. Gaggio & M. Preti: Field experience of protected beach nourishment in Italy. [I]
11:30 S. Corsini et al.: The Paola-S.Lucido protected stratified nourishment. [I]
11:50 Discussion

Lunch (12:00-14:00)

Session 7A: Coastal Policy and Law (Pinarbasi)
14:00 J.A. Schembri: Mediterranean lands: A basic overview. [GBY]
14:20 A. Marson: Coastal and marine environmental policy: The Adriatic basin. [I]
14:40 E. Özhan, A. Uras & E. Aktas: Turkish legislation pertinent to coastal zone management issues. [TR]
15:00 R.W. Knecht: A perspective on the relationship between the local and the national levels of government in coastal zone management. [USA]
15:20 Discussion

Session 7B: Coastal Zone Management II (Aladag)
14:00 J. Van Der Weide & W.M.K. Tilmans: A systems view of integrated coastal management. [NL]
14:20 S. Olsen: Learning to manage coastal ecosystems: The nature of challenge. [USA]
14:40 J. Sorensen: The global dispersion of coastal zone management efforts. [USA]
15:00 M.A. Al-Hammad: Integrated coastal and water resource management and development. [SA]
15:20 Discussion

Session 7C: Coastal Protection (Pulpinar)
14:00 M.H. Boudouma & E.H. Tabet-Aoul: Shore protection: Algerian coast case. [DZ]
14:20 P. Silva et al.: Coastal defence and restoration of the environment in the littorals of the Venice Lagoon. [I]
14:40 H. Kunz: Coastal protection responses to sea level rise and changing social needs: A case study of Ley Bay, Southern North Sea/Germany. [D]
15:00 V.M. Peshkov: Azov-Black Sea coast protection from abrasion. [RS]
15:20 Discussion

Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)

Session 8A: Lagoons, Estuaries and Lakes (Pinarbasi)
16:00 C. Paterson: Integrated estuary management: Two case studies in South-West England. [UK]
16:20 M.S. Kapdasli: Lagoon management problems: A case study. [TR]
16:40 S. Yerli: Assessment of hydrobiological characteristics for Köycegiz Lagoon System in view of use and protection. [TR]
17:00 M. Kence: On the biology and management of a wetland: Lake Beysehir. [TR]
17:20 Discussion

Session 8B: Coastal Issues, Turkey (Aladag)
16:00 E. Avsar & F. Demirayak: The role of environmental education in public involvement experiences for coastal areas in Turkey. [TR]
16:20 P. Korça & Ö. Güngör: Coastal landfills in urban areas: The case of Istanbul. [TR]
16:40 O. Berberoglu: Environmental approaches for siting of organized industrial zone of Antalya. [TR]
17:00 A. Akyarli & D. Öner: Use of geographic information systems in CZM: An application to Izmir Bay. [TR]
17:20 Discussion

Session 8C: Sea Level Rise (Pulpinar)
16:00 C.H. Hulsbergen et al.: Implications of relative sea-level rise on the development of the lower Nile Delta, Egypt. [NL]
16:20 A.S. Arcilla et al.: Impacts of sea-level rise on the Ebro Delta: An approach. [E]
16:40 L. Carbognin, M. Gacic & B. Grbec: Long term sea level changes and low-lying areas in the Northern Adriatic Sea. [I]
17:00 S.H. Sharaf El-Din, F.M. Eid & K.A. Alam El-Din: Effect of weather system on the regime of sea level variations along the Suez Canal. [ET]
17:20 Discussion



FRIDAY (5 Nov. 1993)

Session 9A: Venice Lagoon (Pinarbasi)
9:00 H. Bach, O.K. Jensen & R. Warren: Venice Lagoon eutrophication modelling. [DK]
9:20 E. Runca et al.: Control of macoalgea blooms in the Lagoon of Venice. [I]
9:40 F. Bandarin: The substitution of oil traffic in the venice lagoon: A case study of oil spill damages prevention policy. [I]
10:00 Discussion

Session 9B: Environmental Impact Assessment (Aladag)
9:00 Y. Xie: Environmental impact assessment for coastal tourism projects in North-East China. [UK]
9:20 O. Uslu & A. Akyarli: Environmental impact assessment of dredging operations for the development of Izmir Harbor. [TR]
9:40 A.D. Toumazis: Environmental impact assessment of coastal works in Cyprus. [CYP]
10:00 Discussion

Session 9C: Waves (Pulpinar)
9:00 E. Özhan & S. Abdalla: Engineering applications of a simplified third generation wind wave model (METUS3). [TR]
9:20 L. Franco & R. Archetti: The Italian directional wave measurement network: New insights at the climates off the Mediterranean coast. [I]
9:40 Z. Cherneva & A. Velcheva: Wave group analyses based on phase properties. [BG]
10:00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10:10-10:30)

Session 10A (Pinarbasi)
10:30 Panel discussion on: "International cooperation for utilization and preservation of Mediterranean coastal and sea resources".

Session 10B (Aladag)
10:30 Panel discussion on: "Environmental aspects of Mediterranean tourism".

Session 10C (Pulpinar)
10:30 Panel discussion on: "Management of environmentally sensitive coastal and sea areas in the Mediterranean".

Session 10D (Clubroom)
10:30 Panel discussion on: "Environmental management of water-front cities".

Closing Session (14:00-15:00 , Aladag)


MEDCOAST 93 Proceedings will be available to the participants at the time of the conference as a part of the registration fee. It is planned to publish a number of selected papers, after peer review, in a special volume of the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management. It is also intended to publish an edited volume of selected papers after the conference for worldwide distribution on a commercial basis.


Registration desk will be open during 14:00-18:00 hours on Monday, October 31, and during 9:00-17:00 hours for November 1-5.


The following programme has been arranged for the participants and/or accompanying persons:

  • Monday 1 November (18:00-19:30):

  • Welcoming reception.
  • Tuesday 2 November (18:00-19:30):

  • Exhibitors' reception.
  • Tuesday 2 November (20:00-22:00):

  • Dinner by Ministry of Tourism.
  • Wednesday 3 November (13:30-18:00):

  • Excursion to the coast of Olympus National Park (Ministry of Tourism).
  • Thursday 4 November (19:00-20:00):

  • Cocktails.
  • Thursday 4 November (20:00-23:00):

  • Gala Dinner.
  • Accompanying Persons' Programme on Tuesday 2 November, Thursday 4 November and Friday 5 November.
  • Saturday 6 November through Saturday 13 November:

  • Post-conference tours to various tourist destinations.


In addition to social events common with the participants, the following trips are organized for the accompanying persons:

  • Tuesday 2 November (14:00-17:30):

  • Guided Antalya-City Tour.
  • Thursday 4 November (9:00-17:30):

  • Ancient Pamphilian Cities: Perge - Aspendos - Side
    Jeep Safari to the Tahtali Mountain
  • Friday 5 November (9:00-17:30):

  • Yacht tour to ancient Phaselis.


A commercial exhibition of sustainable coastal and sea resource management and related facilities, products, systems, and services, will be held in conjunction with MEDCOAST 93. Participation by public and private agencies is welcome and encouraged. For more information, contact MEDCOAST 93 Secretariat.

Information on the exhibitors will be provided at the time of registration.


Direct flights to Antalya International Airport are available from a number of European cities. Alternatively, one can have connecting domestic flights from either Istanbul or Ankara.


The Antalya International Airport is about 9 km away from Dedeman Hotel and 13 km away from the city center. From the Airport to Dedeman Hotel, the taxi fare is about 7-8 US Dollars.


The official travel agent of MEDCOAST 93 is:

    Fevzi Çakmak Cad.
    4. Mahmut Cil Apt. No. 79-1
    Antalya - Turkey

    Phone : +90 31 431991, +90 31 431992
    Fax   : +90 31 425306

Inquiries on travel arrangements, pre- or post-conference tours, and all accommodation requests other than that included in the registration package, i.e. other than accommodation at Hotel Dedeman for the nights of 1-5 November, must be forwarded directly to the travel agent.

Elips Tour will operate an information desk at Dedeman Hotel throughout the Conference.


A rich choice of pre- and post-conference tours are available to the participants for extending their enjoyable stay in Turkey.

TOUR 1: Cappadocia (3 days, 2 nights)

2nd day: Full day Cappadocia tour. In the evening a Turkish night with BBQ lamb. Overnight in Cappadocia.

3rd day: After the breakfast departure to Antalya. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Antalya in the evening.

1st day: Departure in the morning from Antalya to Cappadocia via Konya. Lunch in Konya. Arrival in Cappadocia and a short sightseeing tour. Overnight in Cappadocia.


Tour 1 can also be organized with Istanbul arrival (as pre- conference tour) or departure (as post-conference tour). In case of pre-conference tour, the first day will be Istanbul- Cappadocia via Ankara and overnight in Cappadocia. In case of post-conference tour, the last day will be Cappadocia- Istanbul via Ankara.

TOUR 2: Egirdir Lake (2 days, 1 night)

2nd day: After breakfast half day tour to Çandir, Gökdere Valley, ancient Royal Road (this area is famous of rare transparent butterflies and of very rich fauna). Picnic lunch. After lunch departure back to Antalya via Isparta. A stop in Isparta to see a famous Isparta apple gardens and rose-oil extraction. Arrival in Antalya in the evening.

1st day: Departure in the morning to Egirdir via Isparta. Arrival in Egirdir, check in the hotel and lunch. Afternoon a sightseeing tour in Egirdir surroundings (ruins of Seljuk fortifications, Yesilada, Madresse). Overnight in Egirdir.

TOUR 3: Pamukkale and Hierapolis (2 days, 1 night)

2nd day: After breakfast a half day tour of Pamukkale, a miraculous site famous for its fascinating formation of white petrified cascades. Lunch in Pamukkale. Afternoon departure to Antalya and arrival in the evening.

1st day: Departure in the morning to Pamukkale via Denizli. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Pamukkale and visit to Hierapolis (The Holy City with its ancient theatre and the Temple of Apollo). Overnight in Pamukkale/Denizli.

TOUR 4: Southwest Turkish Coast (4 days, 3 nights)

2nd day: Visit to Fethiye and departure to Bodrum. On the way visits to Köycegiz, Marmaris, Datça, Gökova + lunch. Arrival in Bodrum and a short visit to Bodrum. Overnight in Bodrum.

3rd day: Departure to Kusadasi. On the way visits to Milas, Didim, Milet and Söke. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Kusadasi and a short visit to Kusadasi. Overnight in Kusadasi.

4th day: Departure to Antalya via Aydin, Denizli and Burdur. Arrival in the evening to Antalya.

1st day: Departure in the morning to Fethiye. On the way visits to Finike, Kale, Kekova, Kalkan and Patara, lunch on road. Arrival in Fethiye and overnight.

TOUR 5: Southwest Turkish Coast and Cultural Sites

4th day: Departure to Izmir. On the way visits to Efes, Selçuk and Çesme. Lunch on road. Arrival in Izmir, dinner and overnight.

5th day: Full day tour in Izmir surroundings. (visits to Bergama, Agora and city of Izmir including the museum). Overnight in Izmir.

6th day: Departure from Izmir to Antalya via Aydin, Denizli and Burdur. Arrival in Antalya in the evening.

    Days from 1 to 3 are the same as in Tour 4 above.
TOUR 6: Konya-Ankara-Istanbul (6 days, 5 nights)

2nd day: Departure to Ankara. After arrival a half day Ankara city tour. Overnight in Ankara.

3rd day: Departure to Istanbul via Bolu, Sakarya and Kocaeli. Lunch on road. Arrival and overnight.

4th day: Full day "Classic Istanbul" city tour; Hippodrom, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Under-ground Cistern, Topkapi Palace. Lunch en route. Overnight in Istanbul. 5th day: Whole day free for shopping (on request shopping can be made as group with the guide free of charge). Overnight in Istanbul. 6th day: Until lunch a half day Bosphorus tour, lunch. Afternoon a drive to Çamlica Hill for sight-seeing and wonderful view of Istanbul.

1st day: Departure from Antalya to Konya via Isparta. Lunch on road. Arrival in Konya and a short city tour. Overnight in Konya.


Tour 6 can be extended for two days by going back to Antalya via Izmir. In that case the tour will continue as follows:

8th day: In the morning a short visit to Izmir. Afterwards departure to Antalya via Denizli and Burdur. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Antalya in the evening.

7th day: Departure from Istanbul to Izmir via Bursa, Balikesir and Manisa. Lunch on the way. Arrival and overnight in Izmir.


Tour #  Pre-conf.               Post-conf.         Rate          US$
   1    30.10 - 01.11.93    06-08.11.93      DBL/PP/HB   120
                                            SGL suppl.    25
options (from Istanbul)     (to Istanbul)        Suppl.         30

   2    31.10 - 01.11.93    06-07.11.93      DBL/PP/HB     75
                                            SGL suppl.    15
   3    31.10 - 01.11.93    06-07.11.93      DBL/PP/HB     75
                                            SGL suppl.    15
   4     Not available          06-09.11.93      DBL/PP/HB   180
                                            SGL suppl.    40
   5     Not available          06-11.11.93      DBL/PP/HB   325
                                            SGL suppl.    60
   6     Not available          06-11.11.93      DBL/PP/HB   410
                                            SGL suppl.    80
option Not available          06-13.11.93      DBL/PP/HB   520
                                            SGL suppl.    100
All pre- and post-conference tours include accommodation as mentioned in the programs in 4- or 3-star hotels, transfers, meals as mentioned in the programs (half-board), entrance fees, English speaking guide and taxes.

Minimum pax number in all tours is 10.


Antalya, well known as the Turkish Riviera, is one of the most important provinces in Turkey for coastal tourism. The Bay of Antalya has one of the most scenic coast in the Mediterranean, housing numerous cultural and historical sites of great importance. In the area of the Olympus National Park, Taurus Mountains running parallel to the coast with dense pine forests, result in unmatchable, exiting sceneries.

The summary of 52 year long meteorological data, important for visitors, are given below:

                                         Oct.    Nov.

Air temperature (°C)
    Average                         19.7    15.3
    Maximum                        38.7    32.7
    Minimum                          6.4     0.7
Sea water temperature (°C)
    Average                         24.5    21.7
    Maximum                        27.6    25.4
    Minimum                        20.7    18.5
Ave. number of sunny hours per day  8.19    6.54


Conference registration fee:

Registration fee only (exclusive of accommodation, breakfasts and lunches): 600 US$.

Inclusive of accommodation in a single room for 5 nights at 5 star Hotel Dedeman, breakfasts and lunches: 850 US$.

The registration fee includes a set of conference proceedings, coffee and refreshments, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, half-day mid-conference excursion, one special dinner and the closing banquet.

Registration fee for accompanying persons:

Registration fee only (exclusive of accommodation, breakfasts and lunches): 300 US$.

Inclusive of accommodation in a double room for 5 nights at 5 star Hotel Dedeman, breakfasts and lunches: 500 US$.

The registration fee for accompanying persons includes sightseeing and cultural programs, coffee and refreshments, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, half-day mid- conference excursion, one special dinner and the closing banquet.

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