24-27 October 1995, Tarragona, Spain



The Mediterranean basin, including the Black Sea, is among the major enclosed seas where rational management of coastal and sea resources, incorporating high levels of protection and regeneration in certain cases, is very strongly needed. The continually increasing level of demand for the limited and stressed resources provides a formidable challenge to bordering countries for rational and sustainable land, water, and resource management and development.

The Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP, 1975) for the protection of the Mediterranean coastal and sea environment became operational with the Barcelona Convention in 1976. For the Black Sea, international collaboration has recently been started through the GEF program with a more up to date perspective. Following the Rio Conference, various initiatives, within the organization of the MAP and elsewhere, have also been put forward for transforming the MAP perspective from "protection" to "sustainable development", by building up the "Agenda 21 for the Mediterranean". Parallel to these international efforts, various Mediterranean and Black Sea countries have already started (or are about to start) their integrated coastal zone management programs.

The First International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, MEDCOAST 93, which was held in Antalya, Turkey during 2-5 November 1993, started a new conference series to provide a forum for discussions and information exchange among various sectors, and nations, on issues related to management of the Mediterranean and Black Sea coastal and sea areas. Participants from 26 countries actively took part in the conference activities, and presented over 100 paper contributions. The conference was sponsored and supported by 20 organizations, including many prominent international bodies concerned with coastal and sea issues. The MEDCOAST 93 was a big success, proving that the initiative was indeed very timely and needed.

Preparations for the second conference of the series, are very satisfactorily progressing. It is already certain that the MEDCOAST 95 will enjoy a greater number of sponsors and participants, and will highly supersede the success of the 93 event! It will bring together a wide variety of experts, scientists, managers, planners, policy makers, resource developers, users and conservationists from both the Mediterranean basin and elsewhere, who have been directly involved in coastal and sea management in the Mediterranean or have acquired experience and knowledge on matters which are relevant to the Mediterranean. Keynote addresses, papers, presentations, discussions and exhibits, will provide a wealth of information and material about the environmental health of the Mediterranean & the Black Sea, and their coastal areas.

We look forward to an exciting and enjoyable conference in the highly attractive, historical Mediterranean town of Tarragona! Anyone, who is concerned with the Mediterranean and Black Sea coastal and sea areas, are welcomed to participate and to contribute...



  • Prof. Erdal Özhan, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Prof. Agustín Sánchez-Arcilla, Univ. Politèc. de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain


  • Mr. S. Ammarasinghe, Lanka Hydraulic Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Prof. J. H. Archer, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.
  • Dr. A. Baric, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split, Croatia
  • Prof. F. Briand, CIESM, Monaco.
  • Prof. S. Busuttil, Foundation for International Studies, Valetta, Malta.
  • Prof. B. Cicin-Sain, Editor-in-Chief, JOCM, Delaware, USA.
  • Mr. W. M. Eichbaum, WWF, Washington D.C., USA.
  • Dr. D. L. Elder, IUCN, Gland, Switzerland.
  • Prof. P. Fabbri, EUCC & University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Prof. B. O. Jansson, Stockholm Center for Marine Research, Sweden.
  • Dr. L. Jeftic, UNEP-MAP Coordinating Unit, Athens, Greece.
  • Prof. R. W. Knecht, Editor-in-Chief, JOCM, Delaware, USA.
  • Prof. R. Kos'yan, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Gelendzhik, Russia.
  • Dr. G. Kullenberg, IOC-UNESCO, Paris, France.
  • Prof. N. Kumamoto, Hokkaigakuen University, Sapporo, Japan.
  • Prof. G. Liberatore, University of Udine, Italy.
  • Dr. L. D. Mee, GEF Black Sea Env.Prog. Coor. Unit, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Dr. F. van der Meulen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Mr. A. Micalleff, Euro. Cen. on Insular Coastal Dyn., Valetta, Malta.
  • Prof. C. Moutzouris, National Technical University of Athens, Greece.
  • Prof. E. Özsoy, Middle East Technical University, Erdemli, Turkey.
  • Dr. R. E. Quélennec, La Seyne, France.
  • Dr. J. Sorensen, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.
  • Dr. J. K. D. Söderman, ICSC-World Lab., Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Prof. M. Stiassnie, Cameri-Technion, Haifa, Israel.
  • Dr. E.-H. Tabet-Aoul, Paris, France.
  • Mr. I. Trumbic,UNEP- MAP PAP/RAC, Split, Croatia.
  • Prof. O. Uslu, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Prof. A. Vallega, ICCOPS & University of Genoa, Italy.
  • Prof. M. Vigneaux, University of Bordeaux & IOC-UNESCO, France.
  • Dr. A. Vratusa, Intl. Centre for Public Education, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Dr. L. Warren, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK.
  • Mr. J. van der Weide, Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands.
  • Prof. A. Williams, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Wales, UK.



  • Francesc Castelló Facultat de Biologia. Universitat de Barcelona
  • Josefina Castellví Instituto de Ciencias del Mar, CSIC
  • Antonio Cruzado Centre d'Estudis Avançats de Blanes, CSIC
  • Jordi Flos Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Rosa Flos Facultat de Biologia, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Gerard Gelonch Servei de Costes, Dept. de Politíca Territorial i Obres Públiques (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • José M. Grassa Centro de Estudios de Puertos y Costas, MOPTMA
  • Miguel Losada Universidad de Cantabria
  • Francisco Montoya Demarcación de Costas de Tarragona, MOPTMA
  • Justo Nieto Servei de Ports, Dept. de Politica Territorial i Obres Públiques (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • Manuel Novoa Demarcación de Costas de Cataluña, MOPTMA
  • Carlos Peña Dirección General de Costas , MOPTMA
  • Narcís Prat Facultat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Antoni Pujol Autoritat Portuària de Tarragona
  • Joandomènec Ros Facutat de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Antonio Ruiz de Elvira Depto. de Clima Marítimo, Ente Público Puertos del Estado
  • Jordi Serra Facultat de Geologia, Universitat de Barcelona


International Sponsors

  • Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands.
  • European Community MED-CAMPUS Program.
  • GEF Black Sea Environmental Programme Coordinating Unit.
  • Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO).
  • International EMECS Center, Kobe, Japan.
  • Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) Coordinating Unit (UNEP).
  • Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK).

Local Sponsors

  • Autoritad Portuària de Tarragona
  • Jefatura de Costas de Tarragona
  • Dirección General de Costas, Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Transportes y Medio Ambiente (MOPTMA)
  • Público Puertos del Estado
  • Generalitat de Catalunya: Comissionat per a Universitats i Recerca I Departament de Politíca Territorial i Obres Públiques
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyers de Camins, Canals i Ports de Barcelona (UPC)
  • Centre Internacional d'Investigació dels Recursos Costaners (CIIRC)


  • Association EUROCOAST.
  • European Center on Insular Coastal Dynamics (ICoD), Malta.
  • European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC).
  • International Center for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (ICCOPS).
  • International Coastal and Ocean Organization (ICO).
  • International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea (CIESM).
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management (JOCM).
  • Urban Harbours Institute, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.
  • Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF).
  • Turkish National Committee on Coastal Zone Management (KAY)




The main activities of MEDCOAST 95 (conference,exhibition) will take place at the Tarragona Harbour, in Tarragona, Spain. The short course will take place at Hotel Salou Princess, in Salou (Tarragona), Spain.



Monday: Registration and exhibits (14:00 - 18:00)
Registration and welcome cocktails (18:00 - 20:00)


TUESDAY (24 October 95)

Opening Session, Keynote Session

9 00 Welcome addresses
9.30 C. Jordà i Sanuy: Bio diversity conservation and criteria for a sustainable planning and management of the Mediterranean Coast (E) (Invited speaker)
9.50 E. Mann-Borgese: Tides of change: managing the Mediterranean (CAN) (Invited speaker)

Coffee Break (10 10 - 10 30)

Session 1A: Socio-economic Aspects (Hall A)

10 30 F. Bandarin: The small islands of the Mediterranean: Development issues and environmental management (I)
10 50 A. Micallef: Socio-economic aspects of insular coastal management (M)
11 10 A. Marson: Environment and investments in the Mediterranean Basin (I)
11 30 G. Yesilhüyük: Application of economic instruments in coastal zone management in Turkey (TR)
11 50 A.C. Dinçer, E. Köse and H.F. Durukanoglu: An economic evaluation of fishing vessels of the Black Sea (TR)
12 10 Discussion

Session 1B: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems I (Hall B)

10 30 J.A. Camiñas, N. Cano, D. Cortés, V. Díaz del Rio, A. García and J.P. Rubín: "Ecomalaga": An ecosystem analysis of the SW Spanish Mediterranean coasts (E)
10 50 V.A. Grintsov: Biodiversity in the fouling community (UA)
11 10 V.K. Machkevsky and A.V. Gaevskaja: Significance of parasites and endocommensals in biodiversity of marine coastal ecosystems (UA)
11 30 V.V. Murina: Meroplankton diversity of the Crimean waters (UA)
11 50 A. Vassallo: An investigation of the unicellular alga, Rhinomonas reticulata var. reticulata for feeding the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis in a marine hatchery (M)
12 10 Discussion

Session 1C: Water Pollution (Hall C)

10 30 G. Tuncer, G.H. Güllü, G. Tuncel and T._. Balka_: Integrating environmental issues into the coastal zone management of Turkey: land based sources of pollution (TR)
10 50 L. Mukhallalati, M. Ajjour, M. Gischler and R.Koopmans: Water scarcity and quality deterioration in Gaza (IL)
11 10 M.V. Sanin and A.P. Frolov: Irrigational water derivation and disposal as a factor of antropogenic load on the coastal environment (RU)
11 30 M.A.H. Saad, M.A. Abdel-Moati, W.A.N. Younes: Impact of land-based sources of pollution on Abu Kir Bay, Egypt (ET)
11 50 M.M. Dorgham: Observations on long-term pollution and eutrophication in a fishery ground: Abu Kir Bay, Egypt (ET)
12 10 Discussion

Session 1D: Coastal Erosion and Control (Hall D)

10 30 X.I. Loizidou and N.G. Iacovou: The Cyprus experience in coastal zone monitoring as a basis for shoreline management and erosion control (UA)
10 50 I. Postolache, L. Buga, D. Diaconeasa and V. Malciu: Erosion control in Romania (RO)
11 10 A. Abdelbaki and M. Boudouma: Beaches and dunes management of central part of Algeria: alternative for sand resources (DZ)
11 30 M.A. Fanos, G.M. Naffaa, M.Y. Gewilli and M.M. Ali: Long and short term changes of Rosetta Promontory, Egypt (ET)
11 50 M.A. Fanos, G.M. Naffaa, M.M. Ali and M.Y. Gewilli: Coastal processes along Burullus headland Nile Delta, Egypt (ET)
12 30 Discussion

Lunch (12 30 - 14 00)

Session 2A: National and Regional CZM Practices 1 (Hall A)

14 00 P. Castelli and F. Di Gregorio: Integrated coastal resources analysis, planning and management in South-East Sardinia (I)
14 20 A.A. El-Sammak: Coastal zone management in Egypt: present status and response options (ET)
14 40 P. Borissova: Some aspects of coastal zone management in Bulgaria during the transition period 1985-1995 (BG)
15 00 K. Galabov: Institutional system model for Bulgarian coastal zone management (BG)
15 20 Discussion

Session 2B: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems II (Hall B)

14 00 A. Petrov: The studies of coastal underwater landscapes and benthos at the sea reserve that is developed in the SW Crimea (UA)
14 20 T.Munilla, M.J. Coralles: Suprabenthos of the Rosas Beach-Gerona, West Mediterranean (E)
14 40 O.A. Leontyeva and S.L. Pereshkolnik: Rare animals of Abrau Peninsula (the Black Sea Coast) (RU)
15 00 G. Rilov, A. Gasith, Y. Benayahu: Predator-prey interactions with the macroinvertabrate community of the rocky littoral ecosystem along the Israeli Mediterranean Coast: Research plan and preliminary results (IL)
15 20 Discussion

Session 2C: Pollution Assessment (Hall C)

14 00 C. Pergent-Martini and G. Pergent: Impact of a sewage treatment plant on the Posidonia Oceanica meadow: assessment criteria (F)
14 20 C. Galdies: Designing of a biological effects monitoring programme for pollution assessment and control in the Mediterranean (M)
14 40 C. Bolognesi, P. Degan: Genetoxicity biomarkers in pollution assessment: Field studies in Ligurian Sea (I)
15 00 A.S. Bologa, V. Patrascu: Recent marine gamma radioactivity measurements in the Romanian Black Sea sector (RO)
15 20 Discussion

Session 2D: Coastal Processes (Hall D)

14 00 G. Benassai, R. Mainolfi and E. Sansone: Monitoring of the coastal zone at the mouth of river Volturno, Italy (I)
14 20 C. Amore, F. Geremia, E. Giuffrida and G. Randazzo: Historical evolution and sediment characteristics of the mouth apparatus of the Simeto River (Eastern Sicily) (I)
14 40 A. Canicio, C. Ibàñez: Prevention of breaching events in the Trabucador Bar, Ebro Delta (E)
15 00 C. Petzold: Early-quaternary geomorphogenesis of S-Bulgarian Black Sea Coast (D)
15 20 Discussion

Coffee Break (15 40 - 16 00)

Session 3A: National and Regional CZM Practices 2 (Hall A)

16 00 N.G. Iacovou, X.I. Loizidou, C.H. Hulsbergen and F.M.J. Hoozemans: Coastal zone management for Cyprus (CY)
16 20 G. King: Best practice in CZM in UK: Lessons for the Mediterranean (UK)
16 40 F. Montoya and J. Galofré: A sample of approach to ICZM in the Spanish coast: 3 km. of coastal restoration in Cambrils (Tarragona) (E)
17 00 E.H. Tabet-Aoul: Mediterranean coastal zone management efforts and aspects (UA)
17 20 Discussion

Session 3B: Coastal and Marine Conservation (Hall B)

16 00 A. Mallia and P.J. Schembri: Strategies for the conservation of the coastal and shallow water ecosystems of the Maltese Islands (M)
16 20 M.R. García Mora, J.B. Gallego Fernández, Y. Hernández Gallego, J.C. Muñoz Reinoso and D. Reyes Díaz: Ecology and conservation status of Juniperus Phoenicia ssp. Turbinata woodlands in the Huelva dune systems (SW Spain) (E)
16 40 R. Ortal: Long-term monitoring programs in marine nature reserves as a conservation policy for the Red and the Mediterranean Seas' coasts (IL)
17 00 M.C. Redini: Planning, reclamation and protection of the Mediterranean landscape (I)
17 20 Discussion 

Session 3C: Water Quality Issues (Hall C)

16 00 N. Soussi, P. Ennet, J. Koponen, J. Sarkkula, S. Ben Mustapha, A. Ben Mammou and T. Kokkila: Impact of phosphogyps waste in the Gulf of Gabes (I)
16 20 G.E. Tsirtsis: Modelling the nitrogen cycle in a eutrophic coastal marine environment influenced by sewage effluents (GR)
16 40 G. Christodoulou: On the impact of agricultural wastes on twater quality of Pagassitikos Gulf (GR)
17 00 A.S. Palmer, J. Osment, D.E. Reeve: Predicting the impact of pollutants on the coastal environment and ecosystem (UK)
17 20 Discussion

Session 3D: Remote Sensing (Hall D)

16 00 V. Barale and D. Larkin: Optical remote sensing of coastal plumes and runoff in the Mediterranean region (I)
16 20 V. Pasqualini, C. Pergent-Martini and G. Pergent: The use of aerial teledection for the characterisation of the Mediterranean coastal environment: Posidonia oceanica (F)
16 40 J. Serra, J. Argullos, J. Sorribas : Side scan sonar: Application to the survey of coastal protected areas and other physical and biological features (E)
17 00 V. Dulov, V. Kudryavtsev, S. Grodsky: Black Sea currents through remote observation of surface waters (UA)
17 20 Discussion 

POSTER SESSION 17 30 - 18 30

  • S. Barca, F. di Gregorio & G. Mulas: Natural rock arches of the Orosei Gulf, Sardinia, Italy (I)
  • E. Bartoletti, L.E. Cipriani, A.M. Dreoni, M. Montelatici & E. Pranzini: Beach first response to stabilization works: a case study at the Cecina River Mouth, Italy (I)
  • M.O. Bezerra, R. Castilla, M.A. Sanchez & J.M. Redondo: Turbulent diffusion in enclosed beaches (BR)
  • A. Castillo, P. LLabrés & J. Mata-Alvarez: Wastewater management in Mediterranean coastal areas (E)
  • M.A. Damerji: Coastal landscapes degradation by overexploitation of the sandpits (DZ)
  • C. Donadio & R. Valente: Coast renaturalization at west periphery of Naples: morphologic features and landscape design (I)
  • A.M. Dreoni, F. Maselli & E. Pranzini: Nearshore water quality assessment at the Arno River mouth using Landsat TM data (I)
  • E. Düzgünes: Ecological characteristics of anadara cornea in the eastern Black Sea (TR)
  • H.M. Elasmar: Geoenvironmental assessment of shoreline protection of the Damietta coastal zone, north of the Nile Delta, Egypt (ET)
  • A. El Hraiki: Some coastal zone management issues in Morocco (MO)
  • O.N. Ergun, H. Büyükgüngör & Y. Orhan: Effects of urbanization and agricultural activities in the lagoons of Kizilirmak Delta, Turkey (TR)
  • O.N. Ergun, H. Büyükgüngör & Y. Orhan: Marine pollution by municipal wastewater of Samsun along the Black Sea shoreline, Turkey (TR)
  • C. Erüz, H.F. Durukanoglu & _. Akin: Upwelling in the south-eastern coasts of the Black Sea (TR)
  • A.D. Gordina: Present state of ichtyoplankton of the Black Sea (UA)
  • M. Kalas: Mean sea level rise acceleration on the Polish Coast during the last 48 years (PL)
  • P.A. Kaplin & A.O. Selivanov: Possible coastal evolution of the North Black Sea and the Sea of Azov under the anticipated Greenhouse-induced sea level rise (RU)
  • J. Lascurain & G. Loran: Recreational area of " Les dunes de les mares de Dèu". An ecosystem rehabilitation project in a river-coastal dune interface (E)
  • M.F. Lotfy, M.A. Rashed & O.E. Frihy: Sediment drift pattern in the vicinity of Lake-Brullus
  • Mediterranean Sea communication outlet: relationship to channel siltation (ET)
  • M. Menéndez, E. Giménez, R. de Cid & E. Forés: Effects of decreasing water discharge as a consequence of a circumvalation canal construction on salinity, nutrients and macrophytes in a coastal lagoon (E)
  • C. Mutlu, E. Düzgüne? & C. ?ahin: Population parameters of anchovy in the eastern Black Sea (TR)
  • E.V. Pavlova & E.A. Kuftarkova: Anthropogenic impact on the planktonic communities (UA)
  • R. Porras, J.V. Bataller, E. Murgui & M.T. Torregrosa: Reef building worms in Iberian Mediterranean Coasts (E)
  • G. Uzun, M. Yücel, K.T. Yilmaz & S. Berbero¤lu: Biotop mapping in Mediterranean type coastal ecosystems (TR)
  • H. Ueshima & M. Takarada: Environmental conservation and enhancement of the Seto Inland Sea
  • tidal flow control as a mitigation measure (J)
  • J.R. Vieira, J. Føns & H. Kofoed-Hansen: Venice flood protection implementation of an operational flood warning system (DK)

WEDNESDAY (25 October 95)

9 00 - 12 00 EUCC WORKSHOP (Meeting Room)

Session 4A: EIA (Hall A)

9 00 A.A. Cuschnir Coastal development: A suggested approach to environmental impact assessments (USA)
9 20 J.Galloway and T. Fordham: A recommended framework for coastal environmental impact assessments (UK)
9 40 G. Bilanzone, L. Bolatti Guzzo, A. Paolella: A computer based system for the environmental impact assessment (I)
10 00 Discussion

Session 4B: Historical and Archaeological Issues (Hall B)

9 00 J.M.E. Prada and J.M.O. De la Peña: Maritime engineering during the Roman Republic and the early empire (E)
9 20 K. Tresidder, L. Llewlyn, E. Jones, D. Botterill: Marketing image and managing maritime archaeological sites: The case of Paphos, Cyprus (CY)
9 40 A. Bako: The historical and archaeological sites: A very important treasure of Albanian cultural heritage - The need of a management plan (AL)
10 00 Discussion

Session 4C: Human Impact (Hall C)

9 00 O.E. Frihy, A.M. Fanos, A.A. Khafagy and K.A. Aesha: Human interventions to the coastal zone of Hurghada, Northern Red Sea, Egypt (ET)
9 20 Y. Rizzo: Dealing with development pressures on the coastal zone in the Maltese Islands (M)
9 40 J. Stan: The Romanian Black Sea coast: Southern sector-natural processes, human impact and ecological consequences (RO)
10 00 Discussion

Session 4D: Data Management and GIS (Hall D)

9 00 D. Kitsiou and M. Karydis: Eutrophication assessment at a spatial scale based on categorical mapping (GR)
9 20 M. Thomas: The use of geographic information systems in coastal sensitivity mapping (UK)
9 40 S. Darras, H. Makhmara, C. Hennion and A. Podaire: Mediterranean satellite and meteorological database (F)
10 00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10 20 -10 30)

Session 5A: Coastal Planning (Hall A)

10 30 J.A. Dobbin, I. Trumbic: Planning for the future of the national coast: The Albanian coastal area management project (USA)
10 50 L. Schillak: The classification and zonation schemes for the establishment of protection and conservation zones as integral parts of coastal development plans with an example from the Sultanate of Oman, Indian Ocean (D)
11 10 T. Taner and Ö. Ünal: Planning problems of Turkish coastal touristic resorts (TR)
11 30 H. Santis-Arenas and M. Gangas-Geisse: Coastal development in Chilean Mediterranean climate, difficulties in territory use (CL)
11 50 Discussion

Session 5B: Integrated Ecosystem Management and Conservation (Hall B)

10 30 F. van der Meulen and H.A. Udo de Haes: Nature conservation and integrated coastal zone management in Europe: present and future (DK)
10 50 J.R. Vieira and T. Foster: Recovering the Óbidos Lagoon. An integrated management approach (DK)
11 10 T.A. Glushko: Coastal landscapes management (RU)
11 30 E. Seva-Roman, J. Martin-Martin, V. Pieró-Clavell, C. Martin-Cantarino, G. Lopez-Iborra, A. Pastor-López: Background and perspective of coastal wetlands and sand dunes ecosystems management in Alicante Province (E)
11 50 A. Spiteri, D. De Ketelaere: An integrated resource management approach for the Mediterranean Region (M)
12 10 Discussion

Session 5C: Biochemical Issues (Hall C)

10 30 I. Bildaci, H. Evliya and Z. Kiliç: The investigation of metal pollution of algae in Eastern Mediterranean (TR)
10 50 E.B. Gol'din: Algological factor in pest control and its horizons (UA)
11 10 L.G. Senichkina: Diatoms from the sewage discharge area on the shelf of the Black Sea (UA)
11 30 M.N. Petrooshina: Geochemical peculiarities of Submediterranean landscapes (RU)
11 50 N.G. Sergeeva: The structure of benthos communities under different recreative charge in the Black Sea (UA)
12 10 Discussion

Session 5D: Sediment Transport (Hall D)

10 30 N.V. Pykhov, R.D. Kos'yan and S.Yu. Kuznetsov: Time scales of sand suspending by irregular waves (RU)
10 50 I. Zhuravleva, N. Alexandrova and A. Morozova: The riverine input of dissolved and suspended substances into the Black Sea (UA)
11 10 J. Serra, J. Argullos, G. Riera, A. Calafat, J. Sorribas: Llobregat Delta coastal sediment drift (E)
11 30 J. Serra, G. Riera, J. Argullos, L. Parente: Eolian contribution to the sediment transport along the coast of Ebro Delta (E)
12 10 E. Zawadzka: Lithodynamic processes on the Hel Peninsula in conditions of artificial beach nourishment (PL)

Lunch (12 30 -14 00)


THURSDAY (26 October 95)

Session 6A: International Cooperation (Hall A)

9 00 J. Sorensen: A comparative analysis of the regimes to manage Black and Mediterranean Seas (USA)
9 20 A. Vallega: The Mediterranean after the 1995 convention. Historical sense of a turnaround point (I)
9 40 A. Ghosh: Practising partnership in maritime states-essential requirements for inter-state cooperation in management and development of coastal resources (IN)
10 00 G. Giordano, M. Spotorno: The Côte d'Azur and the Ligurian Riviera, a transborder coastal zone: A case study of useful international cooperation (I)
10 20 Discussion

Session 6B: Protected Areas (Hall B)

9 00 M. Ventura, N. Raventós, F. Soley and M.P. Crespo: Coastal study, recovery and management at the Ses Negres Integral Marine Reserve (E)
9 20 A.C. Yalçiner and M. Gökdalay: On the developments for the marine parks in Turkey (TR)
9 40 P. Konkova and M. Pimenova: Use of protected areas for medicinal plant resource study: Karadag reservation as an example (RU)
10 00 J.L. Fermán-Almada, I. Espejel Carbajal, L.G. Morin Fuentes, D.W. Fischer: A management methodology for coastal protected areas in Mexico: A case study of the Colorado River Delta biosphere reserve (E)
10 20 Discussion

Session 6C: Transport Processes and Modelling (Hall C)

9 10 M.A. Said, P.Ennet, T. Kokkila and J. Sarkkula: Modelling of transport processes in Abu Qir Bay, Egypt (ET)
9 20 T. Fujiwara and K. Nakatsuji: Anti-cyclonic circulation driven by estuarine circulation and its role in the ecosystem of an estuary (J)
9 40 L. Hapo?lu-Bala?, E. Özhan: Three dimensional modelling of transport processes in Göksu Lagoon (TR)
10 00 Y. Yüksel, S. Kapdasli, H. Agaççioglu and T. Mutlu: An investigation on effects of wave breaking on the ecology of the nearshore zone (TR)
10 20 Discussion

Session 6D: Beaches I (Hall D)

9 00 J. Galofré and F.J. Montoya: A case study of the behaviour of urban beach: El Miracle, Tarragona (E)
9 20 H.I. Valdemoro, J.A. Jimenez, A. Sanches-Arcilla: Pocket beaches along the Catalonian coast; Application of equilibrium bay relationships (E)
9 40 J. Serra Peris: Beach monitoring program of the Saler (Valencia,Spain) changes of beach profiles (E)
10 00 A. Lechuga: Beach cusps on the Mediterranean coast searching for its origin and characteristics (E)
10 20 Discussion

Coffee Break (10 40 - 10 50)

Session 7A: Education (Hall A)

10 50 C. Paterson: Integrated coastal zone management: PHARE and TACIS Black Sea regional training programme (UK)
11 10 E. Özhan, B. Çulhaoglu: MEDCOAST Institute: A training program on coastal zone management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (TR)
11 30 C.R. Williamson: Environmental education applied to leisure and tourism in Bradford, UK (UK)
11 50 B. Needham: A new training initiative in bay and estuary management (USA)
12 10 Discussion

Session 7B: Ecosystem Management (Hall B)

10 50 M. Manzanera, M. Pérez and J. Romero: Seagrass mortality due to over sedimentation: an experimental approach (E)
11 10 N.V. Yesin, R.D. Kos'yan, A.A. Ivanov and L.A. Karnaukhova: Ecological state of Kerch Strait (RU)
11 30 N.M. Novikova: Assessment of the changes in vegetation due to the renovation of watering in the decertified river deltas in the Aral Sea Basin (RU)
11 50 G. Lopez-Iborra, V. Piero-Clavell, C. Martin-Cantarino, A. Pastor-Lopez, E. Seva-Roman, J. Martin-Martin: Influence of management and exploitation practices on bird diversity in some coastal wetlands of Alicante-SE Spain (E)
12 10 E. Spanier, O. Goffman, D. Kerem, I. Zur: Appearance and death of marine mammals along the Mediterranean coast of Israel (IL)
12 30 Discussion 

Session 7C: Hydrodynamic Modelling (Hall C)

10 50 G. Ficca, S. Pierini and R. Purini: Numerical study of the dynamics of a lagoon (I)
11 10 J. Macías, M.J. Castro and C. Parés: Modelling Alboran Sea and Strait of Gibraltar dynamics (F)
11 30 O.V. Tikhonova, O.I. Zilberstein, G.F. Safronov and O.A. Baranova: Hydrodynamic simulation of storm surge in Azov Sea and pollution transport between Azov and Black Seas (RU)
11 50 N. Kabbara, P. Ennet : Hydrodynamic modelling and transport of pollutants in the Labanese coastal water (RL)
12 10 Discussion

Session 7D: Beaches II (Hall D)

10 50 V. Gracia, J.A. Jiménez and A. Sánchez-Arcilla: Nearshore profiles along the Ebro Delta coast. Implications for coastal processes (E)
11 10 E. Pranzini and L. Rossi: A new Bruun-Rule-based model: an application to the Tuscany Coast, Italy (I)
11 30 N. A__ralioglu, A.M. Yanmaz and T. Numan: Cliff boundary in shoreline model: a case study (TR)
11 50 H. Kunz: Beach and foreshore nourishment on sandy coasts in Germany (D)
12 10 Discussion

Lunch (12 30 - 14 00)

Session 8A: Social Issues (Hall A)

14 00 F. Breton, A. Cebollada, R. Ollé: Territorial diagnosis and proposals for coastal planning and management: The role of participation as a new trend for sustainable development (E)
14 20 M. Gangas-Geisse and H. Santis-Arenas: Population, basic resources in the development of the coastal areas: province of San Antonio, Chile (CL)
14 40 J.D. Pedersen: Implementing governance systems for coastal resources management in developing countries: Building constituencies on fragile ground (DK)
15 00 M.C.C. Leon, M.C.M. Robles, L.A. Morales, M.C.A. Quintanilla: Evolutionary diagnosis: Building up the coastal policy history through the Mexican imaginary reconstruction (USA)
15 20 Discussion

Session 8B: Deltas 1 (Meddelt Session) (Hall B)

14 00 M. Capobianco, J.A. Jimenez, A. Sanchez-Arcilla and M.J.F. Stive: Budget models for the evolution of deltas, definition of processes and scales (I)
14 20 M. Capobianco, G. Abrami and P. Ruol: Impact of climate change on the evolution of the Po Delta Plain framework for the definition of boundary conditions (I)
14 40 A. Sánchez-Arcilla, J.A. Jiménez, V. Gracia and H.I. Valdemoro: Sediment budget at the Ebro Delta coast: a multi-scale approach (E)
15 00 S. Suanez, M. Provansal : Dynamics of beach-dune systems: Example from deltaic coast of Ebro delta (F)
15 20 Discussion

Session 8C: Coastal and Marine Pollution I (Hall C)

14 00 L. Cannizzaro, G. Garofalo, G.B. Giusto, P. Rizzo and D. Levi: Qualitative and quantitative estimate of solid waste in the channel of Sicily (I)
14 20 O.N. Ergun: Solid waste disposal problems along the coastal environment of Black Sea (TR)
14 40 A.T. Williams and D. Markou: Persistent marine debris in the summer tourist season along the west coast of Evia, Greece (UK)
15 00 G. Parsons: Mediterranean and British policy on coastal pollution control (UK)
15 20 Discussion

Session 8D: Wind Waves: Modelling and Climatology (Hall D)

14 00 E. Özhan, S. Abdalla, S. Sezi_-Papila, M. Turhan: Measurements and modelling of wind waves along the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the Black Sea (TR)
14 20 S. Abdalla, E Özhan, S. Sezi_-Papila and O. Gülçag: An advanced third generation wind wave model for engineering use: Application to the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean (TR)
14 40 I.N. Davidan and L.J. Lopatukhin: Wind wave model and wave climate of the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean (RU)
15 00 V. Polnikov, E. Sychov: Experience of wind waves calculation for extremely dangerous storms in the Black Sea (UA)
15 20 Discussion

Coffee Break (15 40 - 16 00)

Session 9A: Tourism (Hall A)

16 00 L. Briguglio and M. Briguglio: The economic and environmental impacts of tourism on the Maltese Islands (M)
16 20 W.L. Filho: Environmental awareness and tourism in the Caparica Coast and Setubal Peninsula, Portugal (UK)
16 40 N. _enlier: Effects of tourism on coastal settlements in Turkey from the view point of life quality (TR)
17 00 _. P_rnar: Nature tourism management (TR)
17 20 Discussion

Session 9B: Deltas 2 (Meddelt Session) (Hall B)

16 00 J.A. Jiménez, M. Capobianco, S. Suanez, P. Ruol, P. Fraunié and M.J.F. Stive: Coastal processes along the Ebro, Po and Rhone Deltas (E)
16 20 L. D'Alpaos, A. Defina, B. Matticchio, P. Ruol and M. Sclavo: A numerical approach to study hydrodynamics and morphological evolution of a lagoon inlet (I)
16 40 S. Arnoux-Chiavassa, N. Durand, V. Rey and P. Fraunié: Three dimensional modelling of the Rhone deltaic fringe (F)
17 00 S. Arnoux-Chiavassa, A. Baeckeroot, N. Baghdadi, P. Broche, J.L. Devenon, P. Forget, J. Gaggelli, J.C. De Maistre, S. Ouillon, V. Rey and G. Rougier: Field campaign off the Rhone River mouth (F)
17 20 Discussion

Session 9C: Coastal and Marine Pollution II (Hall C)

16 00 H.I. Emara, M.A. Shriadah, Th.H. Moustafa and M.S. El-Deek: Trace metals-nutrient salts relationship in coastal sea-water of Alexandria (ET)
16 20 V. Pãtrascu: Relative content of radionuclides in aquatic components (RO)
16 40 S.M. Nasr: Geochemical and granulometric normalization for heavy metals in bottom sediments off Alexandria, Egypt (ET)
17 00 L. Valentino, M.V. Torregrossa: Health effects of mercury ingested through consumption of seafood (I)
17 20 Discussion

Session 9D: Wind Waves (Hall D)

16 00 A.V. Babanin: Field and laboratory observations of wind wave breakings (UA)
16 20 S. Beji and K. Nadaoka: Directional wave simulations by a time dependent nonlinear mild- slope equation (TR)
16 40 Z. Cherneva and A. Velcheva: An experimental study on some wave statistics in coastal zone (BG)
17 00 M.J. Martín and L. Moreno: Wave climate with regard to Portman Bay physical model (E)
17 20 Discussion
16 00 - 17 30 ICCOPS Affiliates Meeting (Hall B)
17 30 - 19 00 Session 10: MEDCOAST Meeting (Hall A)

FRIDAY (27 October 95)

9 00 - 12 00 ICCOPS Workshop (Meeting Room)

Session 11A: Sea Level Rise & Consequences (Hall A)

9 00 R.J. Nicholls and F.M.J. Hoozemans: Vulnerability to sea-level rise with reference to the Mediterranean region (UK)
9 20 A.O. Selivanov: Environmental and economic losses from the anticipated sea-level rise in the sea of Azov (RU)
9 40 N.M. El-Fishawi and A.A. Badr: Erosion and flooding as related to recent sea level rise, Nile Delta coast, Egypt (ET)
10 00 I.A. Repina: Changes of Black Sea level throughout past few thousand: History and simulation (RU)
10 20 Discussion

Session 11B: Deltas and Sea Level Change (Meddelt Session) (Hall B)

9 00 J.W. Day, D. Pont, P.F. Hensel and C. Ibañez: Pulsing events and sustainability of Mediterranean deltas (USA)
9 20 J.W. Day Jr., D. Are, A. Rismondo, F. Scarton and G. Cecconi: Relative sea level rise and Venice Lagoon wetlands (USA)
9 40 C. Ibàñez, J.W. Day, A. Canicio, N. Prat, A. Curcó: The Ebro Delta, Spain: Water and sediment management in the context of relative sea level rise (E)
10 00 C. Ibàñez, J.W. Day, A. Canicio, J. Criado, A. Sanchez: Bases for sustainable management and development of the Ebro Delta (E)
10 20 Discussion

Session 11C: Coastal and Marine Pollution III (Hall C)

9 00 A. Tuncan, M. Tuncan and H. Koyuncu: Physical and chemical stabilization of petroleum drilling wastes (TR)
9 20 L. Mancini, P. Drei, L. Venturi and L. Volterra: Hydrocarbon alkane pollution along Italian coasts (I)
9 40 E. Gjika: Albania and the Mediterranean pollution (AL)
10 00 A.J. Kuck: Operational and technical optimization of hydraulic structures for light liquid removal (D)
10 20 Discussion

Session 11D: Physical Oceanography and Climatology (Hall D)

9 00 H. F. Durukanoglu and Z. Aslan: The study of climatology in North-Eastern Black Sea region (TR)
9 20 A. Polonsky, E. Voskresenskaya, D. Kadeev and A. Kolinko: Low-frequency change of the Black Sea river discharges associated with the coupled ocean-atmosphere variability in the North Atlantic Ocean (UA)
9 40 J.M. Pinot, J. Tintore and D. Gomis: Multivarite objective analysis of the surface circulation in the Balearic Sea (E)
10 00 I. Vukadin and L. Stojanoski: Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea; exchange of water masses and nutrients on the Palagruza Sill (Middle Adriatic) (HR)
10 20 Discussion

Coffee Break (10 40 - 10 50)

Session 12A: Beach and Dune Management (Hall A)

10 50 R. Morgan, B. Bursalioglu, L. Haposlu-Bala_, T.C. Jones, E. Özhan, A.T. Williams: Beach user opinions and their use in the development of a novel beach rating system: A pilot study on the Turkish Aegean coast (UK)
11 10 I. Jansana and J. Lascurain: Passeig maritim de Gavà, an urban coastal dune walkway (E)
11 30 A. Pastor-Lopez, C. Martin-Cantarino, J. Martin-Martin, E. Seva-Roman, V. Piero-Clavell, G. Lopez-Iborra: Implications of two management strategies on the sustainability of two coastal dunes systems in Alicante (Spain): El Saladar y Las Dunas de Guardamar (E)
11 50 R. Junyent Comas, M. Villares Junyent, T. Gea Calza, E. Gatell: Aesthetic perception and the Mediterranean environment (E)
12 10 Discussion

Session 12B: Deltas 3 (Hall B)

10 50 F.A. Comín, M. Martín, M. Menéndez, J.A. Romero, J.A. Herrera-Silveira: Integrated management of a coastal lagoon in the Ebro Delta (E)
11 10 A. Palanques and J. Guillén: The Ebro Delta coastal change: Natural and human factors (E)
11 30 M. Mikhailova: Formation of the Danube and Rioni Deltas and their coasts (RU)
11 50 A. Canicio, C. Ibáñez: Morphological changes in the southern hemidelta of the Ebro during the past decades: Management implications (E)
12 10 Discussion

Session 12C: Coastal Water Quality (Management) (Hall C)

10 50 P.A. Paraskevas and T.D. Lekkas: Quality of bathing waters in European Mediterranean countries (GR)
11 10 N. Kumamoto: Water quality preservation and ocean resources (J)
11 30 A. Lääne and A. Nõmm: Coastal water protection strategies in Estonia (EE)
11 50 H.W. Balfoort, S.P. Volovik, G. Sukhorukov: Integrated water resources management of the Azov Sea (NL)
12 10 Discussion

Session 12D: Coastal Engineering (Hall D)

10 50 A.G. Abul-Azm, A.M. El-Khashab and E. Heikel: Marabella breakwater: comparison between physical and theoretical models (ET)
11 10 C.E. Bala?, A. Ergin, M.S. Yücemen: Comparison of the reliability-based and deterministic design procedures for rubble mound breakwaters (TR)
11 30 J.T. Juang and P.C. Lin: Study on the coastal model at Yunchia Coast, Taiwan (TW)
11 50 I.G. Kantardgi and Y.I. Dreizis: Permeable moles to improve marina water exchange (RU)
12 10 Discussion

Lunch (12 30 - 14 00)

Session 13A: Legislation and Legal Issues (Hall A)

14 00 S. Marchisio: Mediterranean sustainable development in international law (I)
14 20 V. Bou: Protected areas and species: the Mediterranean basin (E)
14 40 A. Van Houtte: Integrated coastal zone management in national legislation (I)
15 00 T.J. Schoenbaum: Emerging theories on the measurement of natural resource damages in the context of the marine and the coastal environment (USA)
15 20 Discussion

Session 13B: Lagoons (Hall B)

14 00 A. Bettinetti, F. Mattarolo and P. Silva: Reconstruction of Saltmarhes in the Venice Lagoon (I)
14 20 M. Bhuvendralingam and S.A.M. Azmy: Bio-accumulation of trace metals in the Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka (LK)
14 40 O. Erbatur, T. Cömert, H. Yìlmaz, G. Erbatur: Agriculture based pollution in Akyatan Lagoon (TR)
15 00 A. Orbi, J.E. Dafir, S. Zizah: A study for integrated management plan of the Nador Lagoon-Morocco (MO)
15 20 Discussion

Session 13C: Coastal and Water Quality Management (Hall C)

14 00 D.J. Economides: Operation and control of sewage treatment plants of hotels in Rhodes - sea water quality (GR)
14 20 J.R. Proni: Acoustical studies of sewage and dredged discharges (USA)
14 40 M.A. Yükselen, A. Kerç and A.M. Saatçi: Effect of solar intensity on bacterial die-off (TR)
15 00 D. Dölgen, N. Alpaslan: Sea outfall experiences in Turkey (TR)
15 20 Discussion

Session 13D: Marinas, Harbours and Navigation (Hall D)

14 00 B. Chouaki and K. Tounsi: Coastal vessel traffic service system and network project in Algeria (DZ)
14 20 E. Manisali, A. Paksoy and O.A. Bak: An AHP approach to environmental port management (TR)
14 40 Ü. Gökkus: Review of planning and management of fishing harbours in Turkey from aspect of coastal zone management (TR)
15 00 H.F. Yercan: Environmental aspects in marinas (TR)
15 20 Discussion


16 00 Conclusion
17 30 Farewell addresses

(Friday, 27 October, 9 00 - 12 00, Meeting Room)

The futures of the Mediterranean Co-operation

This workshop, organized by International Center for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (Genova, Italy) will discuss international co-operation for sustainable development of the coastal and sea areas of the Mediterranean during the next phase of Mediterranean Action Plan. The workshop is a follow up of various earlier efforts by ICCOPS on this topic.


MEDCOAST 95 Proceedings will be available to the participants at the time of the coference as a part of the registration fee. It is plannet to publish a number of selected papers, after peer review, ina special volume of the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management.


A commercial exhibition of sustainable coastal and ocean resource management and related facilities, products, systems, and services, will be held in conjunction with MEDCOAST 95. Participation by public and private agencies is welcome and encouraged.

A limited number of stands will be placed in a parallel way jointly to the Conference rooms and Coffee-break area. Publishers and Editors willing to display their publications will have available by request book dispayers within the Commercial Exhibit area.

For more information, contact Centre Internacional d'Investigació dels Recursos Costaners (CIIRC) at the address below:

    Conference Secretariat (Attn. M. Ruiz)
    Centre International d'Investigació dels Recursos Costaners (CIIRC)
    Gran Capità s/n, Campus Nord-UPC, Module D-1
    08034 Barcelona
    Telephone: 34 3 401 6468 / 401 7822
    Fax: 34 3 401 7357


The following programme has been arranged for the participants and / or accompanying persons:

  • Monday 23 October (18 00-20 00): Welcome Coctails
  • Tuesday 24 October (17 30-18 30): Exhibitors' reception
  • Tuesday 24 October (18 30-20 30): Social Event-Visit to Tarragona
  • Wednesday 25 October (14 00-20 30): Technical visit to Barcelona (Including a light dinner)
  • Thursday 26 October (17 30-19 00): Gala dinner
  • Friday 27 October (18 00-20 00): Farewell Cocktails


In addition to social events for the participants, the following trips will be organized for the accompanying persons:

  • Tuesday, 24 October, Cistercian Monasteries Tour (full day)

  • Guided visit to the Vallbona, Santes Creus and Poblet Monasteries, including a tasteful typical local meal. The Cistercian Order, whose influence arrived to the Tarragona area on the XII century, was founded at the Monastery of Citeaux in Bourgogne. A well preserved prove of the importance of this influence during the Middle Age are the Santes Creus (1150), Poblet (1151) and Vallbona (1175) Monasteries.
  • Thursday, 26 October, Ebro Delta Tour (full day)

  • Guided visit to the Ebro delta, including a boat trip to the river mouth and an Ebro delta regional meal. The Ebro delta defined as natural park in 1983, with an area of 320, is the second largest Spanish aquatic environment. Its variety of different types of environments, mild and humid climate and rain variations, etc. provide conditions favourable to a local wide range of vegetation and fauna.
  • Friday, 27 October, Tarragona City Tour (half day)

  • Guided visit to the main Roman monuments and Middle Age constructions of Tarragona.Tarragona, the entrance door of the Roman influence at the Spanish Peninsula, and later the capital of the Citerior Hispania, continues having a wide range of preserved Roman monuments (old walls, Circus, Amphitheather, etc.) and Middle Age constructions (Arcade, Palaces, old Hospital and Cathedral). Its archaeologic contents make this city a must in any cultural journey.


A rich choice of pre- and postconference tours are available to the participants for extending their enjoyable stay in Spain. For more information, contact the official travel agent of MEDCOAST 95 at the following address (see Accommodation Booking Form):

    Mrs. Nuria Díaz
    Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes 670 5è
    08010 Barcelona SPAIN
    Telephone: 34 3 301 2835
    Facsimil: 34 3 302 1489
    Telex: 99566 CRBA E

TOUR 1: Montserrat (1/2 day)

Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Montserrat, mountain situated at an altitute of 1,235 m. Visit of Royal Basilica. Arrival in Barcelona in the afternoon.
Price: 5,040 PTA Departures: Sunday 22.10.95, Saturday 28.10.95


TOUR 2: Costa Brava-Empuries (1 day)

Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Empuries and visit to the Greeck and Roman ruins. A stop in Estartit to embark on a catamaran which a cruise through the Medes Islands. Lunch annd free time. In the afternoon visit to the medieval town of Pals. Arrival in Barcelona in the evening.
Price: 8,930 PTA
Departures: Monday 23.10.95, Monday 30.10.95


TOUR 3: Barcelona (1 day)

Visit to the city (departing from Barcelona): Cathedral and Gothic Quarter, Olympic Village and Port. Drive to Montjuic mountain for sight-seeing: panaroma of the city and port. Lunch at the Spanish Town, where most of the typical regional architecture is reproduced. Visit to Gaudi's Park Güell. Continue with a tour of the Sagrada Familia, Monumental Building and Passeig de Gracia buildings, including a visit to the Picasso Museum.
Price: 10,080 PTA
Departures: Sunday 22.10.95, Saturday 28.10.95


TOUR 4: Pirineo Aragones y Navarro (4 days)

1st day: Departure in the morning fom Barcelona to Sabiñanigo via Barbastro, Huesca and Puerto de Monrepos. Lunch and free afternoon. Dinner and overnight in Sabiñanigo.

2nd day: After breakfast departure to Javier via Esco, surrounding Pantano de Yesa. Visit to the Javier Castle. Departure to Ochagavía via Lumbier. Lunch. Afternoon departure to Roncal via Isaba. Visit to Roncal. Arrival to Sabiñanigo, dinner and overnight.

3rd day: Breakfast and departure to Valle de Hecho. Visit to Monasterio de Siresa and Anso. Departure to Sabiñanigo and lunch. Afternoon departure to Larrede. Visit to Larrede and Jaca. Arrival in Sabiñanigo, dinner and overnight.

4th day: After breakfast, departure to Huesca and short visit of its Cathedral. Lunch in Monzon. Arrival in Barcelona in the evening.

Price: 28,500 PTA (Single supplement 6,000 PTA)
Departure: Sunday 29.10.95


TOUR 5: Bizkaia-Urdabai Nat. Park-Castillo Butron (4 days)

1st day: Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Zaragoza. Lunch in Zaragoza. Arrival in Bilbao, dinner and overnight.

2nd day: After breakfast free time to visit Bilbao. Lunch. Afternoon departure to Castillo de Butron. Dinner and overnight in Bilbao.

3rd day: Breakfast and departure to Bermeo. On the way visits to Bakio, Mirador de San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Parque Natural de Urdabai and Cabo Matxitxako. Lunch in Bermeo and free time for shopping. Visit to Guernika. Arrival in Bilbao, dinner and overnight.

4th day: After breakfast, departure to Alfaro. Lunch in Alfaro. Arrival in Barcelon in the evening.

Price: 34,800 PTA (Single supplement 7,000 PTA)
Departure: Sunday 29.10.95


TOUR 6: Granada-Las Alpujarras (4 days)

1st day:Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Valencia. Lunch in Alicante. Afternoon departure to Granada via Puerto Lumbreras, Baza and Guadix. Overnight in Granada.

2nd day: After breakfast free day to visit Granada. (Optional Granada guided tour). Lunch, dinner and overnight in Granada.

3rd day: Breakfast and departure to Las Alpujarras. Visit to Pampaneira. (Small town with Las Alpujarras characteristics constructions). On the way to Almeria, short visit to Lanjaron. Lunch in Almeria. Free time for visit and shopping. Arrival in Murcia, dinner and overnight.

4th day: After breakfast, departure to Valencia. Lunch in Valencia. Arrival in Barcelona in the evening.

Price: 34,500 PTA (Single supplement 6,500 PTA)
Departure: Sunday 29.10.95


TOUR 7: Madrid turistic (6 days)

1st day: Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Zaragoza. Lunch in Zaragoza. Arrival to Madrid and check in.

2nd day: After breakfast half day tour to El Escorial and Valle de los Cadios. Return to Madrid and free for shopping.

3rd day: After breakfast full day tour to Toledo. Lunch in Toledo. Return to Madrid in the evening.

4th day: Breakfast. Full day to visit Madrid at your own (optional visit to Segovia and La Granja)

5th day: Breakfast. Free day to visit Madrid.

6th day: After breakfast, departure to Zaragoza. Lunch in Zaragoza. Arrival in Barcelona in the evening.

Price: 52,700 PTA (Single supplement 16,100 PTA)
Departures: Monday 16.10.95, Monday 30.10.95


TOUR 8: Andalucia (6 days)

1st day: Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Zaragoza. Lunch in Zaragoza. Overnight in Madrid.

2nd day: After breakfast departure to Cordoba. Lunch in Cordoba and visit to the city (Mezquita, Juderia Quarter). Afternoon a drive to Ecija and Carmona. Arrival in Sevilla and overnight.

3rd day: Full day visit to Sevilla (Giralda,Cathedral, Parque de Maria Luisa, Santa Cruz Quarter and Torre del Oro). Dinner. Overnight in Sevilla. (optional Andaluz Show)

4th day: After breakfast departure to Granada. Visit to the city (Alhambra, El Generalife, Capilla Real, Cathedral). Dinner and overvight in Granada.

5th day: After breakfast visit to Granada. Departure to Bailen. Lunch on road. Arrival in Madrid and overnight.

6th day: After breakfast, departure to Zaragoza. Lunch in Zaragoza. Arrival in Barcelona in the evening.

Price: 65,900 PTA (single supplement 18,500 PTA)
Departures: Monday 16.10.95, Monday 30.10.95


TOUR 9: North of Spain and Rias Gallegas (8 days)

1st day: Departure in the morning from Barcelona to Zaragoza. Lunch in Zaragoza. Arrival in Vitoria. Dinner and overnight in Vitoria.

2nd day: After breakfast departure to Santander. Lunch and free time to visit the city. Afternoon departure to Ontaneda. On the way visit to Santillana del Mar. Dinner and overnight in Ontaneda.

3rd day: After breakfast departure to Covadonga via Sant Vincente de la Barqueta. Panaromic view of the Picos de Europa. Visit to the Basilica and Santa Cueva (optional visit to the Lagos de Covadonga, Enol y Ercina). Lunch in Cangas de Onis. Afternoon departure to Gijon via Arriondas. Dinner and overnight in Gijon.

4th day: Breakfast and departure to Ribadeo via Nabia. Visit to Ribadeo and lunch. Afternoon departure to Lugo. Free time to visit the city. Dinner and overnight in Lugo.

5th day: After breakfast departure to La Coruña via Betanzos. Panaromic visit to La Coruña and Torre de Hércules.Departure to Santiago de Compostela. Lunch in Santiago de Compostela. Free time to visit the city. Afternoon departure to La Toja island via Padron. Free time for shopping. Arrival in Vigo, dinner and overnight.

6th day: Breakfast. Free day to vis it Vigo (optional Vigo guided tours and surroundings). Overnight in Vigo.

7th day: After breakfast departure to Puebla de Sanabria via Orense, Allariz, Verin, Portillas de Padornelo and Canda. (optional visit to Lago de Sanabria). Lunch in Puebla de Sanabria. Afternoon departure to Palencia/Magaz via Benavente. Dinner and overnight.

8th day: Breakfast and departure to Zaragoza via Aranda del Duero, Tarazona and Borja. Lunch in Zaragoza. Arrival in Barcelona in the evening.

Price: 65,500 PTA (Single supplement 15,500 PTA)
Departure: Sunday 15.10.95



All tours depart from Barcelona.

Pre- and post-conference tours 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 include accommodation as mentioned in the programs in 4- or 3-star hotels, transfers, meals as mentioned in the programs and taxes.

Tours 1, 2 and 3 include English speaking guide, meals as mentioned in the programs and taxes.


Direct flights to Barcelona International Airport are available from all over the world. Alternatively, flights to the Reus Airport are available from some European cities.

Additionally, Tarragona and Salou (10 km apart and connected by frequent bus services) can be easily reached by both train and car from Barcelona.

Arrival by Plane
Because the Barcelona International Airport is about 80 km. from Tarragona, transportation facilities will be provided to participants by request (see Hotel Reservation Form).

Alternatively, train connections from Barcelona International Airport to Tarragona/Salou (via Barcelona Sants-Station) are convenient (about 1,500 pesetas for a 90 minutes trip) and available during all day. Trains depart approximately every one hour and a half.

From the Reus Airport to Tarragona/Salou, the taxi fare is about 2,000 Pta.

Arrival by Train
All the main Spanish Stations, including Barcelona-Sants Station, are well connected by Intercity trains to Tarragona and Salou train stations.

Arrival by Car
33 and 35 exits of the A-7 (Mediterranean) motorway are recommen-ded to reach Tarragona and Salou respectively.



Conference registration fee: $600

The registration fee includes a set of conference proceedings, coffee and refreshments, lunches during conference, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, halfday midconference excursion, and the closing banquet.

Students registration fee: (by presenting a student card) $300

The student registration fee includes all provisions of the regular registration fee as described above.

Registration fee for accompanying persons: $300

The registration fee for accompanying persons includes sightseeing and cultural programs, lunches of full day tours, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, halfday midconference excursion and the closing banquet.

Registration fee for the short course (2 days): $200

Short course registration fee includes attendance at lectures, a copy of lecture notes, coffee and refreshments.

Hotel España and Astari (option 1 & 3) are located in the Tarragona city within walking distance of the Tarragona Harbour.

Hotel Salou Princess (option 2) is located in Salou, 10 km from the conference site. There will be transportation facilities for participants during the conference duration.

The indicated figures represent the price per day, inclusive of tax and breakfast. In option 2, price includes transportation from Hotel Salou Princess to the Tarragona harbour during the conference duration.

Hotel assignment will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

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