11-14 November 1997, Qawra, Malta



The Mediterranean basin, including the Black Sea, is among the coastal and sea areas of the World which are beset by serious problems, resulting from rapid development of many improper use patterns and insufficient levels of protection. For this reason, proper coastal management which aims to achieve sustainable uses of coastal and sea resources, their protection, and regeneration in certain cases, is very strongly needed. This need was recognized in the second phase of the Mediterranean Action Plan, and the integrated coastal management (ICM) was officially acknowledged at the Ninth Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties in Barcelona (5-8 June 1995) as the approach to achieve sustainable development of the coastal and marine areas. On the other hand, the Black Sea, the unique enclosed basin which is an extremely important common resource for six riparian countries, has seen a drastic decline since the 1950's, with acceleration over the last two decades. During the last few years, significant international efforts have been put forward in order to turn the tide. A Ministerial Conference, held in ‹stanbul (30-31 October 1996), adopted the Black Sea Strategic Action Plan. Coastal management in most of the Black Sea countries, however, is yet at an early stage.

The MEDCOAST initiative, which was launched with the First International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment, 2-5 November 1993, Antalya, Turkey, aims to contribute to coastal and marine conservation in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, through improved coastal management practices. Over the following three years, MEDCOAST has achieved a respectable reputation through its activities in three directions. These are: a) MEDCOAST conference series and scientific workshops; b) Human resources development; c) Collaborated research.

MEDCOAST has already organized two major international conferences (MEDCOAST 93 & MEDCOAST 95, 23-37 October 1995, Tarragona, Spain), and an international workshop (International Workshop on the State-of-the-Art of ICM in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, 2-5 November 1996, Sarigerme, Turkey). These scientific meetings produced five volumes of conference proceedings totalling 3300 pages, two volumes of workshop proceedings (530 pages), and a special MEDCOAST volume of Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management (JOCM). The work for another MEDCOAST issue of JOCM, and of Journal of Coastal Conservation, which will contain papers from MEDCOAST 95 and the Sarigerme Workshop, is in progress.

It is envisaged that the third conference, MEDCOAST 97, will supersede the previous two events. It will provide an exciting environment for exchanging ideas and starting new collaboration initiatives. The presentations in the oral and poster sessions, and in the specialty workshops will provide a wealth of high quality information, which will be used to produce special MEDCOAST issues of the leading international journals as usual.

We look forward to a major conference on the shores of Malta, enjoying a long history of ancient Mediterranean culture and civilization, and experiencing a wide range of coastal and sea management issues. Anyone, who is concerned with the Mediterranean and the Black Sea coastal and sea areas, are warmly welcomed to participate and to contribute...



Prof. Erdal Özhan, Chairman, MEDCOAST, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


Mr. Anton Micallef, Director, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Insular Coastal Dynamics, ICoD, Valletta, Malta


  • Dr. A. Abdelbaki, Laboratoire D`Etudes Maritimes, Alger, Algeria.
  • Prof. A. Akyarli, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey.
  • Mr. S. Ammarasinghe, Lanka Hydraulic Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • Prof. J. H. Archer, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.
  • Dr. V. Barale, Joint Research Center of EC, SAI, Ispra, Italy
  • Dr. A. Baric, Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Split, Croatia.
  • Prof. F. Briand, CIESM, Monaco.
  • Prof. S. Busuttil, Foundation for International Studies, Valletta, Malta.
  • Prof. H. Coccossis, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Greece.
  • Prof. B. Cicin-Sain, Editor-in-Chief, JOCM, Delaware, USA.
  • Mr. W. M. Eichbaum, WWF, Washington D.C., USA.
  • Prof. A. Ergin, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Prof. P. Fabbri, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Dr. M.E. Hatziolos, The World Bank, Washington D.C., USA
  • Prof. B. O. Jansson, Stockholm Center for Marine Research, Sweden.
  • Dr. L. Jeftic, UNEP-MAP Coordinating Unit, Athens, Greece.
  • Prof. R. W. Knecht, University of Delaware, Delaware, USA.
  • Prof. R. Kos'yan, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Gelendzhik, Russia.
  • Dr. G. Kullenberg, IOC-UNESCO, Paris, France.
  • Prof. N. Kumamoto, Hokkaigakuen University, Sapporo, Japan.
  • Prof. G. Liberatore, University of Udine, Italy.
  • Prof. E. Mann-Borgese, Dalhouise University, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Dr. L. D. Mee, GEF Black Sea Env. Prog. Coor. Unit, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Dr. F. van der Meulen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Prof. C. Moutzouris, National Technical University of Athens, Greece.
  • Dr. R. Ortal, Natural Reserves Authority, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Prof. E. Özsoy, Middle East Technical University, Erdemli, Turkey.
  • Dr. R. E. Quélennec, EUROCOAST-France, La Seyne, France.
  • Dr. G. Pergent, University of Corse, Corte, France
  • Prof. A. Sánchez-Arcilla, Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
  • Prof. S.H. Sharaf El-Din, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Dr. J. Sorensen, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.
  • Dr. J. K. D. Söderman, ICSC-World Lab., Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Prof. M. Stiassnie, Cameri-Technion, Haifa, Israel.
  • Dr. E.-H. Tabet-Aoul, Paris, France.
  • Mr. I. Trumbic,UNEP- MAP PAP/RAC, Split, Croatia.
  • Prof. A. Vallega, ICCOPS & University of Genoa, Italy.
  • Dr. S. Vallerga, International Marine Center, Oristano, Italy.
  • Prof. M. Vigneaux, University of Bordeaux & IOC-UNESCO, France.
  • Dr. A. Vratusa, Intl. Centre for Public Education, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Mr. J. van der Weide, Delft Hydraulics, The Netherlands.
  • Prof. A. Williams, University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Wales, UK.



International Sponsors

     European Community, the MED-CAMPUS Programme.
     GEF Black Sea Environmental Programme Coordinating Unit.
     Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO).
     International EMECS Center, Kobe, Japan.
     International Ocean Institute (IOI),
     Mediterranean Action Plan Coordinating Unit (MAP-UNEP).
     Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.
     Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK).

Local Sponsors

     Euro Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics, ICoD
     Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta
     Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Environment
     National Tourism Organisation
     Planning Authority of Malta
     Air Malta



     Association EUROCOAST.
     European Union for Coastal Conservation (EUCC).
     International Center for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (ICCOPS).
     International Coastal and Ocean Organization (ICO).
     International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean Sea (CIESM).
     International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
     Journal of Coastal Conservation (JCC).
     Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management (JOCM).
     Urban Harbours Institute, University of Massachusetts-Boston, USA.
     Turkish National Committee on Coastal Zone Management (KAY).
     World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).



All activities of MEDCOAST 97 (short course, conference, exhibition) will take place at the Suncrest Hotel (****) in Qawra, Malta.



TUESDAY (11 November 97)

9 00 Registration

Opening Session

10 00 Opening Ceremony

Coffee Break (10 30 - 11 00)

Session 1A: Marine Biology (ZEUS)
11 00 J.A. Borg, S.A. Micallef, K. Pirotta, P.J. Schembri: Baseline marine benthic surveys in the Maltese Islands (Central Mediterranean (MT)
11 20 K.Pirotta,P.J. Schembri: Characterization of the major marine biotopes of the soft substrata around the Maltese Islands MT)
11 40 K.Pirotta,P.J. Schembri:Characterization of the major marine Biotopes of the hard substrata around the Maltese Islands (MT)
12 00 F. Bacchiocchi,U. Ceccherelli, A. Lamberti, R. Archetti: Analysis of a benthos community in a shore protection zone (IT)
12 20 Discussion

Session 1B: Coastal Management Principles, Techniques and Instruments 1 (POSEIDON)
11 00 JJ.S. Galloway: Multi-lateral banks and integrated coastal zone management (GB)
11 20 R.C. Ballinger: Techniques for delivering coastal management: lessons from the Welsh Coast (GB)
11 40 M. Capobianco, H. Otter: Dealing with model uncertainty in integrated coastal zone management (IT)
12 00 I. Simunovic: Economic instruments in integrated management of the Mediterranean coastal zones (HR)
12 20 Discussion

Session 1C: Physical Issues (ATHENA)
11 00 S. El-Din, I.A. Maiyza, F.M. Eid, A.F. Sabra: The heat storage in the Mediterranean Sea (EG)
11 20 A.A.A. Baeth Hamed: Depressions tracks over the south-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea (EG)
11 40 J. Jensen, C. Blasi: Changes of the water levels in the south-western Baltic Sea (DE)
12 00 C. Erüz, E. Köse, F. Durukano¤lu, M. Bahar: Distribution of suspended particle matter in surface water in the southeastern Black Sea (TR)
12 20 Discussion

Lunch (12 30 - 14 00)

Session 2A: Habitats, Endangered Species, Landscapes, and Conservation (ZEUS)
14 00 H. Güçlüsoy, Y. Sava?: The current status of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus, in Foça protected area, Turkey (TR)
14 20 G. Eken: The wintering populations of some waterbird species on the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey (TR)
14 40 A.C. Yalç›ner, M. Gökdalay: Marine parks for protection and coastal tourism in Turkey (TR)
15 00 M. Buttigieg, M. Vassallo, J.A. Schembri: Basic geomorphological studies of shore platforms in the Maltese Islands (MT)
15 20 Discussion

Session 2B: Coastal Issues (POSEIDON)
14 00 H. Muhammetoglu: Degradation of coastal landscapes in the Gaza Strip-Palestine (TR)
14 20 C. Coman: The antropogenic impact on Romanian Black Sea coast. Aspects of nearshore water degradation (RO)
14 40 N. Dipova, H. Muhammetoglu: Some ICZM issues in Konyaalt› coastal area (Antalya-Turkey) (TR)
15 00 S. Khalil: Critical problems of the Egyptian Mediterranean coastal zones (EG)
15 20 Discussion

Session 2C: Waves (ATHENA)
14 00 E. Özhan, S. Abdalla, E. Arikan, I. Barut, G. Piskin: Wind wave climatology of the Black Sea and the remaining Turkish coast: The progress of the NATO TU-WAVES Project (TR)
14 20 S. Abdalla, E. Özhan, G. Buharali: Long term probability of significant wave heights along the Turkish Mediterranean coast (TR)
14 40 E. Özhan, S. Abdalla, M, Turhan: Short term statistical characteristics of wind waves off the Turkish coast (TR)
15 00 A. Velcheva, Z. Cherneva: Run Length Statistics in Shallow Water (BG)
15 20 Discussion

Coffee Break (15 30 - 16 00)

Session 3A: Fisheries (ZEUS)
16 00 P. Breber: The ideal salinity regime in Mediterranean Lagoons (IT)
16 20 L. Cannizzaro, A. Potoschi, M. Scalisi, F. D'Andrea, T. Romeo: Bio-economic aspects of Swordfish and Dolphin-fish fisheries in Sicily, (IT)
16 40 V. N. Radchenko, M.Y. Aleyev: Black Sea Salmon hybridization and spawning Sites Conservation (UA)
17 00 D. Jang: Artificial reef development as a mitigation tool for fish habitat enhancement (US)
17 20 A. Ezzat, C.F. Hosny, A. Osman: Reproductive Biology of Mullus barbatus and M. Surmulatus from Alexandria waters (EG)
17 40 Discussion

Session 3B: ICZM Experiences (POSEIDON)
16 00 M. Ajjour, S. Drabih: Strategy for coastal zone Planning and management in Gaza-Palestine (PS)
16 20 X.I. Loizidou, N.G. Iacovou: Coastal zone management for Cyprus: Finalization and Implementation (CY)
16 40 I. Trumbic, V. Simoncic, L. Korva: Slovenia coastal zone management programme: An attempt to manage the developed coast (HR)
17 00 A. Akyarli, O. Uslu, E. Saner, E.Üçüncüoglu: An integrated approach for natural resource management in the Izmir Bay (TR)
17 20 S.M. Nasr, M.El-Raey, M.H. Ahmed: Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Alexandria, Egypt (EG) 17 40 Discussion

Session 3C: Coastal Structures and EIA (ATHENA)
16 00 C.E. Balas, A. Ergin, M.T. Birgönül: A reliability-based risk assessment model for coastal projects (TR)
16 20 J.T. Juang, C.C. Chien, J.D. Chiang: Influence of water depth to wave runup on triangular step dyke (TW)
16 40 S. Sigurdarson, S. Einarsson, O.B. Smarason, G. Viggosson: Berm breakwater in the tidal inlet of Hornafjördur, Iceland (IS)
17 00 A.G. Abul-Azm, K.A. Rakha: Environmental concerns for marina planning in the Gulf of Suez
17 20 T. Matouk, A. Abdelbaki, M. Boudouma: Jen Jen's Harborenvironmental impact (DZ)
17 40 Discussion

POSTER SESSION 18 00 - 19 00

  • F. Cinquepalmi, A. Campagnol, A. Zitelli: A project for multilateral spill response management in the Adriatic Sea (IT)
  • R.W. Barber, L.J. Scott, N. Volakos: Modelling wind induced recirculating flows in semi-enclosed bays using a non-orthogonal boundary-fitted coordinate system (GB)
  • G. Garofalo, L. Fortunati, L. Cannizzaro, M. Scalisi: Mapping of marine resources by means of geostatistical analysis and GIS technology (IT)
  • J.T. Juang, J. Wu, J.F. Chen: Surf zone detection by satellite images at Taichung coast in Taiwan (TW)
  • P. Traverso, S. Scotto, P. Pavan, F. Cecchi: Metal partitioning in surface sediments from Venice and its Lagoon (IT)

WEDNESDAY (12 November 97)

Session 4A: Biological and Ecological issues (ZEUS)
  9 00 M. Dorgham: Phytoplankton dynamics and ecology in a polluted area on Alexandria coast, Egypt (EG)
  9 20 L. Venturi, S.F. Vecchioli, M. Lucido, M.T.A. Palumbo, P.Pepe, A. Cuttitta, R.Lipari: Posidonia oceanica beds in the off shore of Favignana island (IT)
  9 40 Yu. Zaitsev, V. Mamaev: Biological diversity in the Black Sea:Main changes and ensuing conservation problems (UK)
10 00 Discussion

Session 4B: ICM Experiences (Black & Baltic Seas) (POSEIDON)
  9 00 K.R. Galabov: Bulgarian coastal management program- Institutional management structure (BG)
  9 20 Yu.G. Mikhaylichenko: Development of ICZM in the countries with transitional type of economy (The Russian Federation case) (RU)
  9 40 J.I. Zaloksnis, A. Dumpenieks: Sustainable development of coastal zone in the Riga City (LT)
10 00 Discussion

Session 4C: Beaches 1 (ATHENA)
  9 00 Y.Asar, Y. Yüksel, S. Kapdasli: Sorting on a two-dimensional beach (TR)
  9 20 E. Benassai, A. Ragone, M. Gonella, P.Polo: Wave diffraction behind two beach protection layouts (IT)
  9 40 E. Çevik, Y. Yüksel: Morphological change of beach profiles (TR)
10 00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10 10 -10 30)

Session 5A: Environmental Impacts (ZEUS)
10 30 B. Martincic, C. Salvi: Carrying capacity model for predicting the impact of the coastal mussel farms on the marine environment (IT)
10 50 S. Mendez, G. Pergent, C. Pergent-Martini: Impact of fish farming facilities on coastal ecosystems (FR)
11 10 V.V. Kuznetsov, I. Chernyshova, A.K. Kouzine, M.S. Kovalenko: Impact of a pump storage project on quantity and quality of water resources at the estuarine zone of the Dniestr River and its management (UA)
11 30 A.A.A. Baeth Hamed: Environmental problems in harbors and management of the marine environment
11 50 M. Karpuzcu, U. Malak, T. Numan: Role of environmental impact assessment for port projects- case study (TR)
10 00 Discussion

Session 5B: Beaches and Dunes (POSEIDON)
10 30 R. Morgan, E. Gatell, R. Junyent, A. Micallef, E. Özhan, A.T. Williams: The development of a beach user climate index and its application to Euro-Mediterranean/Black Sea coastal tourism areas (GB)
10 50 M. Villares, R. Junyent, T. Gea, E. Gatell: The aesthetic and environmental perception applied to the regeneration of the Mediterranean beaches of Segur de Calafell, Calafell, Coma-ruga, El Francas and Sant Salvador (Catalonia, Spain) (ES)
11 10 E. Drei, A. Lamberti, R. Archetti: Beach failure and real estate market (IT)
11 30 C. Amore, G. Randazzo: Artificial re-nourishment for the reconstruction of shorelines with touristic vocation: A case study in southeast Sicily (IT)
11 50 P.E. Gol'din, N.M. Kovblyuk, A.L. Sergejenko, E.B. Gol'din: Kazantip Gulf sand dunes: Today state and management ways (UA)
12 10 Discussion

Session 5C: Beaches 2 (ATHENA)
10 30 J.M. Medina, J.S. Lopez: Strong erosion scenario to a desequilibrium of solid transport rate: The case of Torrox Beach (Malaga) (ES)
10 50 M. Pacini, E. Pranzini, G.Sirito: Beach nourishment with angular gravel at Cala Gonone (Eastern Sardinia, Italy) (IT)
11 10 M. Preti, A. Lamberti, L. Martinelli: Analysis of a sand sac submerged barrier: Case of a beach In Riccione (IT)
11 30 P. Ruol, M. Capobianco, M. Tondello: Physical model tests in the framework of beach nourishment performance evaluation (IT)
11 50 N.V. Yesin, S.B. Kuklev: Adaptation of Model of Dynamics of Gravel Beach Contour in the Conditions of the Black Sea North-Caucasian Coast (RU)
12 10 Discussion

Lunch (12 30 -14 00)

THURSDAY (13 November 97)

Session 6A: Papers at large (ZEUS)
The program will be announced during the conference

Session 6B: Legislation & Public Participation (POSEIDON)
  9 00 F. Eke: Coastal legislation and implementation in Turkey. Prospects for co-operation (TR)
  9 20 K. Aday, G. Gündogdu: Experiences of special environmental protection areas in terms of coastal management: Restructuring of legal and institutional structure (TR)
  9 40 K. Pond, G.Rees: Coastwatch UK- A public participation survey (GB)
10 00 Discussion

Session 6C: Mathematical Modeling 1 (ATHENA)
  9 10 L. Balas-Hapoglu, E. Özhan, C. Öztürk: Three dimensional modeling of the hydrodynamic and transport processes in Ölüdeniz Lagoon (TR)
  9 20 N. Durand, A. Fiandrino, S. Ouillon, P. Fraunie, P. Forget: 3D numerical study of the Ebro delta zone hydrodynamics (FR)
  9 40 I.K. Tsanis, S.j. Boyle: A closely coupled hydrodynamic/pollutant transport GIS model (CA)
10 00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10 10 - 10 30)

Session 7A: Liquid Waste Management (ZEUS)
10 30 P.A. Paraskevas: Needs for wastewater reuse in the Mediterranean countries (GR)
10 50 J. Flos, S. Pueyo, M.A. Rodriguez-Arias, N. Méndez: Beach interstitial sea water quality and CSO events (ES)
11 10 M.J. Duer, I. Unsal: Effluent diffusers: Intrusion abatement and hydraulic optimization with elastometric duckbill check valves (US)
11 30 C. Avanzini, P. Quirici: Guidelines for submarine outfall structures for Mediterranean small and medium sized coastal communities. An analysis of the practical aspects: Engineering and construction (IT)
11 50 P.A. Paraskevas, T.D. Lekkas: Wastewater treatment strategies for the Mediterranean coastal areas (GR)
12 10 Discussion

Session 7B: Sustainable Development and Regional Management (POSEIDON)
10 30 Ö. Ünal: Local economic impacts of tourism: The case of Çesme, Turkey (TR)
10 50 A. Micallef: Small islands and sustainability - A question of conflicting demands? (MT)
11 10 M. Dyoulgerov: Addressing the implementation of the 1996 Protocol to the London Convention, 1972, within the framework of national ICM programmes (US)
11 30 J. Sorensen, F. Gable, M. Gardner, D. Hinrichsen: The Black Sea: Another environmental tragedy in our times? (US)
11 50 Discussion

Session 7C: Mathematical Modeling 2 (ATHENA)
10 30 W. Labib and P. Ennet: Estimation of primary production in Mex Bay, Alexandria (Egypt). Applying the aquatic ecosystem model FinEst (EG)
10 50 Y.N. Krestenitis, I.A. Valioulis, S.P. Christopoulos, P.A. Hyder: The rivers influence on the seasonal coastal circulation of the Thermaikos Gulf (GR)
11 10 Y.N. Krestenitis, I.A. Valioulis: The Black Sea waters influence to the seasonal baroclinic circulation of the Aegean Sea (GR)
11 30 I. Kantardgi, N. Sapova: Coastal zone development and coastal water quality: Research and teaching (RU)
11 50 N. Kibar: Modelling transport processes In Beirut Bay, Lebanon (LB)
12 10 Discussion

Lunch (12 30 - 14 00)

Session 8A: Marine Pollution (ZEUS)
14 00 H. B. Özkoç, K. Saricaoglu, N. Yüzbasi, N. Balkaya, H. Büyükgüngör, A.N. Onar: Investigation of land-based polution parameters in the surface waters of the Black Sea (TR)
14 20 A. Özdemir, A. Kuleyin, S. Çoruh, N.G. Gökbulut, Y.Kilim, H. Büyükgüngör: The nitrogen loads carried by rivers and streams to the Black Sea in Türkiye (TR)
14 40 A. Baric: Project "Environmental management of the Kastela Bay" (HR)
15 00 V. Hinic, J. Zazijal-Marusic, E. Zahtila: Influence of the repair shipyard on coastal sea quality (HR)
15 20 Discussion

Session 8B: Use of Remote Sensing (POSEIDON)
14 00 V. Barale, I. Zin: Impact of continental margins in the Mediterranean Sea: Hints from the surface color and temperature historical record (IT)
14 20 M. Minacapilli, M.L. Paracchini, S. Folving, F. Bertolo, V. Barale: Surface hydrology influence on coastal pigments concentration (IT)
14 40 V. Pasqualini, P. Clabaut, L. Benyoussef, C. Pergent-Martini, G. Pergent: Impact of human activities on littoral ecosystems: contribution of "sonar" image analysis (FR)
15 00 D. Assendorp, F. van der Meulen, J.A.M. Janssen: Remote sensed monitoring of landscape process occuring at different scales in dry dunes and salt marshes (NL)
15 20 R.H.F. Curr, E. Edwards, A. Koh, A.T. Williams, P.Davies: Analysis of Mediterranean sand dunes using digital imaging (GB)
15 40 Discussion

Session 8C: Coastal Erosion and Control (ATHENA)
14 00 R.M. Hassan, S.A. Baset: Coastal erosion and protection of Ras El Bar, Egypt (EG)
14 20 J.M. Medina, J.S. Lopez: Strong erosion scenario to a desequilibrium of solid transport rate: The case of Torrox beach (Malaga) (ES)
14 40 M. Preti, E. Carboni, C. Albertazzi: Shore protection planning in Emilia-Romagna Region: A new trend is in act (IT)
15 00 C. Nenciu: Necessity of coastline reservation in Romania (RO)
15 20 Discussion

Coffee Break (15 30 - 16 00)

Session 9A: Marine Pollution 2 (ZEUS)
16 00 J. Flos, M.A. Rodriguez-Arias, N. Méndez: Tracking marine pollution in Barcelona coastal waters (ES)
16 20 A. Jensen, M.El-Zarka, E. Povlsen:A strategy for an Egyptian coastal monitoring programme (DK)
16 40 M.V. Torregrossa, L. Valentino: Are the actual bacteriological indicators correct in the evaluation of the recreational water health safety (IT)
17 00 R.C. Earll, A.T. Williams, S.L. Simmons: Aquatic litter: Management and prevention: The role of measurement (GB)
17 20 S.L. Simmons and A.T. Williams: Qualitative versus quantitative litter data analysis (GB)
17 40 Discussion

Session 9B: Papers at large (POSEIDON)
The program will be announced during the conference

Session 9C: Sediment Transport (ATHENA)
16 00 R. Kos'yan, H. Kunz, I. Podymov, N. Pykhov: Sand bottom erosion in the surf zone of Norderney Island (RU)
16 20 R. Absi, A. Abdelgader and M. Belorgey: Bottom boundary layer study for the sediment transport modeling (FR)
16 40 E. Zawadzka: Dynamics of spit coasts of the Southern Baltic (PL)
17 00 H. Kunz, R. Kos'yan: German-Russian nearshore dynamics- experiment on Norderney Island (DE)
17 20 M. Kassoul, H. Tabet Aoul, M. Belorgey: Hydrodynamic contribution of management and erosion control (FR)
17 40 Discussion


FRIDAY (14 November 97)

Session 10B: Coastal Management Principles, Techniques and Instruments 2 (POSEIDON)
  9 00 K.R. Galabov: Bulgarian coastal management program- coastal GIS and database (BG)
  9 20 M. Capobianco M.J.F. Stive: Soft protection technologies as a tool for integrated coastal zone management (IT)
  9 40 S. Barca, F. Di Gregorio: Proposals for integrated coastal zone management in the Gulf of the Angels (Sardinia) (IT)
10 00 Discussion

Session 10C: Water Level and Long Waves (ATHENA)
  9 00 I. Fer, S. Kapdasli: Effect of mean sea level to salt -fresh water interface in coastal lagoons beneath the sand dunes(TR)
  9 20 C.J. Blasi: Hydrodynamic processes and rise of mean sea level (DE)
  9 40 M. Gonzales, R. Medina: Tsunami risk along the Alboran seacoast (ES)
10 00 Discussion

Coffee Break (10 10 - 10 30)

Session 11B: Papers at Large (ZEUS)
The program will be announced during the conference

Session 11C: Papers at Large (ATHENA)
The program will be announced during the conference

Lunch (12 30 - 14 00)

15 00 -17 00 Conclusion


The List of Papers at Large

proper EIA: Lessons learned from the Egyptian coast (EG)

  • N.E.M. Abdel-Aziz: Zooplankton community and eutrophication problem in the eastern harbor of Alexandria, Egypt (EG)
  • G. Ergün: Habitat protection of sea turtles in Köyce¤iz-Dalyan specially protected area (TR)
  • A. Gaevskaya, V. Machkevsky:Characters of parasite circulation in marine coastal ecosystems under pollution (UA)
  • A. D. Gordina, U. Niermann, A.E. Kideys, F. Bingel: Coastal and open water ichtyoplankton of the Black Sea in 1986-1996 years (UA)
  • V. N. Ivanov, M.N. Senicheva: Change of composition and abundance in the phytoplankton community of the Crimean coast (UA)
  • S. J. Jones, J. Cachia, P.J. Schembri: Biological effects of the thermal effluent from the Delimara power station, Malta (MT)
  • A. Kushmaro, E. Rosenberg, M. Fine, Y. Loya: Coral bleaching: The influence of bacterial infection and sea water temperature change in the Mediterranean Sea (IL)
  • J.A. Zagorodnyaya, V.V. Murina: Plankton fauna monitoring of Karadag Black Sea reservation (UA)
  • M. Aksissou, Evaluation of environmental impact of yacht marina development in the Mediterranean coast of Morocco (MO)
  • M. Bilecenoglu, E. Taskavak: The state of Lessepsian migrant fishes along Turkish coast and their impact on the fisheries (TR)
  • P. Borissova: Coastal zone municipal development plans: State of the resources and tools for the management policy (BG)
  • V. Bou: Recent trends concerning the international legal protection of marine mammals in the Mediterranean Sea area (ES)
  • M. Cassar: Measuring the environmental impact of a marine cage fishfarm in Malta (MT)
  • P. Castelli, M. Sias:Contributing to the Sardinian Harbors and landing facilities to be integrated with nature (IT)
  • Yu.I. Dreizis, K.N. Makarov, Yu.I. Yurenko: Coastal zone of Greater Sochi: Problems and perspectives (RU)
  • O. Frihy, A.M. Fanos: Behavior of coastal projects implemented without
  • I. Gheskou: Managing the coastal zone through information and consent (GR)
  • G. Günay, H. Elhatip: Environmental impact assessment for coastal projects in Turkey (TR)
  • B. Journel, E. Nicolas: Atmospheric and concurrent oceanic flux evolution in the Ligurian Sea between 1987 and 1995 (FR)
  • D. Kitsiou, M. Karydis: Detection of europhic trends based on outlying values from a multivariable system (GR)
  • J. Mata-Alvarez, A. Mussaco, P. Pavan, F. Cecchi: Anaerobic biodegradability and its implications on water quality issues (IT)
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* * ICOD Workshop on Ocean and Coastal Risk Assessment
(Thursday, 13 November, 9 00 - 12 30, 14 00 - 18 00, APOLLO)

Considering the particularly high concentration of population and technology in the world ‘s coastal areas, the subject of coastal and ocean risk management can be considered as an integral if not essential component of Integrated Coastal Area Management.

In this connection, a one day workshop will be organised on thos subject during the MEDCOAST 97 Conference to explore in some detail the more serious coastal and ocean risk related phenomena and activities, inluding both natural as well as technological hazards. Key note presentations will be given on the above as well as on those tools and techniques applicable to the mitigation and management of risk hazards.

The feasibility of establishing a network of parties interested in the field of risk management will be explored. Participation in this workshop is free to all registered participants.

* * MEDCOAST Workshop on Education and Training in ICM in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
(Friday, 14 November, 9 00 - 12 30, APOLLO)

Since the 90’s, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea countries have been involving more and more in integrated coastal management projects and programs. The success of these efforts depend, among other things, on the availability and involvement of qualified personnel. The workshop will look into the market for ICM professionals and experts in the region on the basis of the ongoing national and international programs, review the opportunities present for training and education in this field, and explore the possibilities for new initiatives. Participation in this workshop is free to all registered participants.


Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of MEDCOAST 97 which will be made available to the participants at the time of the conference as a part of the registration fees. As it has been done for the previous two Conferences, it is planned to publish a number of selected papers, after peer review, in special volumes of the Journal of Ocean and Coastal Management, and the Journal of Coastal Conservation


The following programme has been arranged for the participants and / or accompanying persons:

  • Monday 10 November (20 00): Welcome Drinks at Suncrest Hotel (Sponsored by ICOD)
  • Tuesday 11 November (20 00): Reception at Palazzo Parisio, Valetta (Sponsored by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Environment)
  • Wednesday 12 November (14 30-17 00): Half Day Cultural Tour and Field Trip (Sponsored by the Planning Authority of Malta)
  • Wednesday 12 November (20 00): Maltese Night at Maltese Restaurant (Sponsored by the National Tourist Organisation of Malta)
  • Thursday 13 November (20 00): Gala dinner at St. Julian’s (Sponsored by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Environment)


In addition to the social events for the participants, the following trips will be organized for the accompanying persons:

  1. Valletta Tour - Tuesday, 10 00 - 18 00

  2. Guided visit to Fine Arts Museum, Archaeological Museum, St Jonh’s Cathedral, Grandmaster’s Palace, Lower Barrakka including lunch.
  3. Cottonera & Temples Tour - Wednesday, 9 00 - 12 30

  4. Vittoriosa, Inquisitor’s Palace, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Tarxien.
  5. Gozo Tour - Thursday, 9 00 - 18 00

  6. The Island of Gozo, 20-minute ferrycrossing, Citadel, Ggantija, the wind mill, Dwejra, including lunch.
  7. Mdina & Rabat - Friday, 9 00 - 17 00

  8. Cathedral, cathedral Museum, Mdina Bations, Roman Villa, St. Paul’s Catacombs, including lunch.


Malta can be reached by sea from Sicily and Italy, and there are good air links with most of Europe, with flights leaving regularly from the major European airports. Many cities have flights several days a week. There are daily flights from Catania, London and Rome.

For transfer between Airport - Hotel - Airport, travel arrangements are done by the Conference Organization for the days of November 10, 15 and 16 at the following costs:

    Airport - Hotel (Qawra) $22
    Hotel (Qawra) - Airport $22
    Airport - Hotel - Airport $40

Participants wishing to use this arranged transfer should register beforehand and pay the fee.

If you are using this transport arranged by the organizers, you should report to the MEDCOAST 97 desk at the Malta Airport.

Please note that the taxi between Airport and the Hotel costs $ 35-40 (one way).


Conference registration fee:

Registration fee only exclusive of accommodation, breakfasts and lunches: $600

Fee inclusive of accommodation in a single room up to 5 nights at the Suncrest Hotel (****), breakfasts and light buffet lunches: $900

The registration fee includes a set of conference proceedings, coffee and refreshments, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, half-day mid conference excursion, one special dinner and the closing banquet.

Registration fee for accompanying persons:

Registration fee only exclusive of accommodation, breakfasts and lunches: $300

Fee inclusive of accommodation in a single room up to 5 nights at the Suncrest Hotel (****), breakfasts and light buffet lunches: $500

The registration fee for accompanying persons includes sightseeing and cultural programs, coffee and refreshments, welcome and other cocktails, cultural evening, half-day mid-conference excursion, one special dinner and the closing banquet.

Registration fee for students:

$120 (without social events)
$300 (inclusive of all social events)

The registration fee includes a set of proceedings, attendance in the lectures and coffee breaks (social events are not included). Please see the section ‘Pre- and Post Conference Tours’ for Hotel rate.

Extra days at the Suncrest Hotel:
(Before or after the Conference)

Single room (half-pension) US $60 / day / person
Double room (half-pension) US $45 / day / person

For reservation contact MEDCOAST Secretariat


The Maltese islands are a small archipelago made up of two larger islands, Malta and Gozo, along with some small islets and are found just south of Sicily. The total native population is about a third of a million. Malta's rich history is indicative of its strategic location at the cross-roads of Mediterranean shipping and the excellence of its natural harbour in the fortress city of Valletta which provided an ideal naval base for the long list of Malta's colonisers. The history and culture of the islands reflects the wealth and military power of the successive epochs of the principal regional powers starting from the Phoenicians, Carthagini

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