Global Congress on Integrated Coastal Management :

Lessons Learned to Address New Challenges

30 October - 03 November 2013

Grand Yazici Club Turban Hotel (*****), Marmaris, Turkey



29 October 2013, Tuesday

16:00 – 18:30      Registration at Club Turban Hotel

21:45 – 23:00      Registration continue


30 October 2013, Wednesday

09:00     Registration

10:30     Opening and Keynote Session

                Opening addresses

                Keynote Presentation by Frank van der Meulen

                Building with Nature in the Dutch Delta Dune Coast

                (Frank van der Meulen, Bert van der Valk, Bas Arens, Kees Vertegaal, Mennobart van Eerde)

12:30     Lunch Break



Session 1A: ICM and Country Experiences

Chair: Frank van der Meulen


14:00     A Nested Governance System for ICZM in Egypt

                Ó. García-Aguilar, M. Merino, P. González-Riancho, M. Sanò and R. Medina

14:20     Integrated Coastal Zone Management - The Croatian Case

                Ž. Kordej - De Villa, I. R. Bakari and N. Starc

14:40     Integrated Urban Coastal Management in Singapore

                A. Ng

15:00     Turning Istanbul into A Disaster Resilient City

                F. A. Türer Başkaya

15:20     Discussion



Session 1B: SATOUMI Special Session (International EMECS Centre)

Chair: Tetsuo Yanagi


14:00     Restoration of Chesapeake Bay:  Past Success and Future Challenges

                R. M. Summers

14:20     Monitoring Campaign as ICM Tools for Tokyo Bay

                K. Furukawa

14:40     A Vital Role of Satoumi in the Implementation of ICM in Japan

                O. Matsuda

15:00     Measures for Environmental Conservation in Enclosed Coastal Seas

                S. Ichiki, T. Nishida and Y. Nakura

15:20     Sato Umi Movement in Indonesia

                S. I. Sachoemar and T. Yanagi

15:40     Discussion



Session 1C: Coastal and Marine Modelling

Chair: Eric Wolanski


14:00     50-Year Biogeochemical Model Simulations in the Mediterranean Sea

                A. K. Stips and E. Garcia-Gorriz

14:20     Morphostatic Study of the Bine El Ouediane Lagoon, Tunisia

                C. Briere and R. McCall

14:40     Water Quality Protection: Grand-Marina, Sochi

                I. Kantardgi, V. Maderich, E. Terletskaya, I. Brovchenko and L. Prokhoda-Shumskikh

15:00     Water Quality Simulation of Lakes Cernek and Balık at the Kızılırmak Wetlands (Turkey) 

                K. Küçük and G. Bakan

15:20     “Fishery Simulator” to Vitalize Trawl Fishery in Ise Bay

                S. Tabeta, Y.Nakamura, T. Suto, K. Saito, M. Sekine, I. Seki, K. Ishikawa,

                M. Irie and K. Furukawa

15:40     Discussion


16:00     Coffee Break



Session 2A: Students and Schools Partnership (SSP) Session

Chair: Wayne Bell


16:30     I want to change the world by improving the environment of the sea and canals of my city Amagasaki         

                N. Yamamoto

16:50     Coastal Management in Turkey: Things that we do not like

                Y. Kariparduc and Y.Öztekin

17:10     Integrated Learning and the Chesapeake Semester

                J. Sullivan and C. Ulrey

17:30     Challenging for “Visualization” Project of Seafloor Litter in Seto Inland Sea

                M. Nakato

17:50     Education for Protection and Conservation of Coastal Environment

                F. Şenyüz and K. Özer

18:10     Discussion



Session 2B: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems 1

Chair: M. Cristina Buia


16:30     Responses of the Hiroshima Bay Ecosystem to Inputs

                J. Kittiwanich, T. Yamamoto, O. Kawaguchi, and I. Madinabeitia

16:50     Ecosystem Dynamics in Tokyo Bay; Forces on High Trophic Level Organisms

                A. Sakamoto and K. Shirakihara              

17:10     Oligotrophication in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

                T. Yanagi

17:30     Discussion



Session 2C: Water Quality

Chair: Olli Varis


16:30     Climate Change Impacts on Marine Water Quality

                J. Rizzi, S. Torresan, A. Zabeo, A. Critto, D. Brigolin, S. Carniel, R. Pastres


16:50     Eco-monitoring of Dredging in the Gulf of Finland

                J. Lednova, A. Chusov and M. Shilin

17:10     Bioidentification of Xenobiotics as a Part of Water Quality Control

                V. Tonkopii

17:30     Discussion


19:00 – 20:30 Opening Reception



31 October 2013, Thursday

Session 3A Coastal Management Tools and Development Issues

Chair: Osamu Matsuda


09:00     Report Cards: An Effective Environmental Management Tool

                W. C. Dennison

09:20     Assessing Sustainable Development of the Coastal Zone: GIS Approach

                O. Arkhipova

09:40     Towards Green Ports in Lebanon

                N. Sabra, N. Zeidan and M. El-Khalil Chalabi

10:10     Discussion



Session 3B: ECSA – Springer Special Session on “Estuaries of the World”

Chair: Jean-Paul Ducrotoy


09:00     Estuaries of the World: a New Approach to Estuarine Ecology

                J. P. Ducrotoy and A. Chéronet

09:20     Estuaries of Australia in 2050 and Beyond

                E. Wolanski and J. P. Ducrotoy

09:40     Assessing Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen Flux in the Yangtze River: Sources and Scenarios

                Z. Chen and H. Xu

10:10     Input of Nutrients to the Baltic Sea from the Transboundary Rivers


10:30     Discussion



Session 3C:  Shoreline Management

Chair: Tomoya Shibayama


09:00     Innovative Approaches and Tools for Erosion Control and Coastline Management

                A. Giardino, W. De Boer, K. Den Heijer, B. Huisman, J. Mulder and D.-J. Walstra

09:20     Using Sustainable Solution for Shoreline Management

                A. Soliman and M. El-Dakkak

09:40     Impact on the Beach Due to Construction of a Marina

                M. Aguzzi, N. De Nigris, M. Morelli and M. Preti

10:10     Shoreline Changes behind Offshore Detached Breakwaters

                M. Morad and T.A. Omran

10:30     Discussion


10:50     Coffee and Poster Session


12:30     Lunch Break


13:45     Cultural Trip to Marmaris


Evening: Free



01 November 2013, Friday

Session 4A: Education and Awareness

Chair: Kaori Fujita


09:00     Ocean Environmental Awareness Measurement: Method and Application

                M. L. Umuhire and F. Qinhua

09:20     “Go Human-revolution, Go Green-revolution”

                Y. Iio

09:40     Easy to Use Tool for ICZM Progress Reporting

                M. Gvilava and A. Gigineishvili

10:00     Discussion



Session 4B: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems 2

Chair: Piamsak Menasveta


09:00     Changes in Dominant Species of Seagrass Bed on Eastern Yamaguchi, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

                 K. Sugimoto, Y. Nakano, T. Okuda, S. Nakai, W. Nishijima and M. Okada

09:20     Historical Changes in Algal Diversity in the Gulf of Naples

                M. C. Buia, A. Chiarore, M. Mulas and L. Porzio

09:40     Optimization and Comparison of Underwater Mapping

                M. Bonacorsi, C. Pergent-Martini, P. Clabaut, G. Jouet and G. Pergent

10:00     Discussion          



Session 4C: Climate Change Issues

Chair: Zhongyuan Chen


09:00     Responding to Climate Change: Climate Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation and Education in Maryland, USA                 

                Z. Johnson, D. Goshorn, D. Nemazie and W. C. Dennison

09:20     Beach Carrying Capacity Under Sea-level Rise

                T. Hasiotis, I. Monioudi, R. Rafailidis and A. Velegrakis

09:40     Discussion


10:10     Coffee Break



Session 5A: Legal and International Issues

Chair: Atila Uras


10:30     Developing a Regulatory Framework for Underwater Noise

                D. Johnson and J. Mouat

10:50     Assessing Progress in Depolluting the Mediterranean Sea

                C. Spiteri, C. Roddier-Quefelec, J.-P. Giraud and T. Hema

11:10     Exclusive Economic Zone: Prospects for Better Governance

                Ş. Güneş

11:30     The Implementation Gap in ICZM Laws and Policies

                R. Alterman and R. Adam

11:50     Discussion



Session 5B: Coastal and Marine Protected Areas

Chair: Christine Pergent


10:30     Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea - Coherence and Efficiency

                C. Webster, B. Meola, M. Romani, S. El Asmi, D. Cébrian, C. Gabrié,

C.Rais, D. de Monbrison and P. Canals

10:50     Strengthening the System of MCPAs of Turkey

G. Ergün, G. Atkın Gençoğlu, K. Zaim, B. Erdoğan, Y. E. Dinçaslan, K. Ceviz, E. Kartal, Ö. Katısöz, Z. D. Yıldırım and H. Güçlüsoy

11:10     Stakeholders, Technology and MPAs: Towards Integrated Management?

                V. Markantonatou, M. Sanò and C. Cerrano

11:30     MPA Designation by Fishery Knowledge Tsushima Island

                S. Seino, S. Miyazato, K. Hada, N. Kamayama and M. Kimura

11:50     Protection through Valuation: Using Q Methodology to Explore the Intangible Benefits of a         UK MPA

                K. Pike and P. Wright

12:10     Predictive Habitats Modelling for Marine Spatial Planning

                T. Hattab, F. B. R. Lasram, C. Albouy, C.Sammari, M. S. Romdhane,

                P. Cury, F. Leprieur and F. L. Loc’h

12:30     Discussion



Session 5C: Remote Sensing, Coastal and Marine Databases

Chair: Vittorio Barale


10:30     Sub-mesoscale Eddies Seen by Spaceborne Radar

                S. Karimova and M. Gade

10:50     Radar Observations in the German Wadden Sea

                M. Gade, S. Melchionna, L. Kemme

11:10     EU “Atlas of the Seas”: New Outlook to Coastal Issues

                V. Barale, J. Dusart and J. Gaffuri

11:30     Coastal Spatial Data Infrastructures: So far So Good?

                G. C. Malvárez, E. G. Pintado, F. Navas and A. Giordano

11:50     A Database of Severe Impacts in the Coast of Southeastern Brazil

                L. H. Nunes

12:10     Discussion          


12:40     Lunch Break



Session 6A: PEGASO Project – ICM in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 1

Chair: Sergey Konovalov


14:00     The Pegaso Project: Supporting ICZM in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins

                F. Breton and Ž. Škaričić

14:20     Application of ICZM Tool’s: Experience from the French PEGASO Study Site

                A. Guelmami, L. Ernoul and E. L. Gentil

14:40     A Set of Indicators for ICZM

                F. Santoro, A.-K. Lescrauwaet, J. P. Giraud, A. Lafitte and J. Barbière

15:00     Participatory Experiences in PEGASO Project

                S. Soriani, F. Buono, A. Bordin, M. Tonino and M. Camuffo

15:20     Discussion



Session 6C: Coastal Engineering and Geology

Chair: Saleh Abdalla


14:00     Wind and Wave Data Selection for Climate Studies in Enclosed Seas

                S. Abdalla

14:20     Difficulties of Sediment Transport Modelling

                R. Kos’yan, J. Grüne, B. Divinskiy and I. Podymov

14:40     A Numerical Simulation of Future Storm Surges Using Meteorology-Wave-Surge-Tide Model

                T. Shibayama, K. Ohira and S. Hoshino

15:00     Gulf of Finland Coastal Systems in Holocene

                D. Ryabchuk, A. Sergeev, V. Zhamoida, T. Gusentsova, P. Sorokin, M. Kulkova and D. Gerasimov

15:20     Discussion


15:40     Coffee Break



Session 7A: PEGASO Project – ICM in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 2

Chair: Francoise Breton


16:10     PEGASO Case Studies and ICZM Implementation

                S. Soriani, M. Tonino, F. Buono, A. Bordin and M. Camuffo

16:30     Implementing Local Policies for Case Study Sulina

                I. Nichersu, I. Nichersu, M. Mierla, E. Marin and C. Trifanov

16:50     Environmental Assessment Tools in the Pegaso Case - Sevastopol Bay

                S. Konovalov, V. Vladymyrov, V. Dolotov, O.Sergeeva, Y. Goryachkin, O. Moiseenko, S. Alyomov, N. Orekhova and L. Zharova

17:10     Köyceğiz-Dalyan SPA (Turkey): Management Issues and Experiences

                E. Özhan, U. Avşar, N. Tüfekçi, S. Özuslu, S. Önder, D.Konaklı and N. Kan

17:30     Discussion



Session 6B: Coastal and Marine Pollution Management

Chair: Keita Furukawa


16:10     Managing Pollution in the Great Barrier Reef – Success?

                J. Brodie

16:30     Assessing Pollutant Risk to the Great Barrier Reef

                J. Waterhouse, J. Brodie and J. Maynard

16:50     New Direction for Water Environmental Management

                Y. Nakura, T. Nishida and S. Ichiki

17:10     A New Approach to the Assessment of Marine Environment Pollution: An Ensemble Method

                 G. Monakhova, V. Zaytsev and S. Monakhov

17:30     A Proactive System for Maritime Environment Monitoring

                D. Moroni, G. Pieri, M. Tampucci and O. Salvetti

17:50     Discussion


Evening:    Turkish Folkloric Night (Music and Dance)



02 November 2013, Saturday

Session 8A: Participation in ICM

Chair: Robert Summers


09:00     Participation, Stakeholder Dialogue, and Governance Platforms in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins

                J. Le Tellier and A. Lafitte

09:20     Community Led Coastal Management - Lessons from Down Under

                P. Lawless

09:40     The Social Dimension of Coastal Risk Landscapes

                E. Roca, M. Villares, L. Oroval and A. Gabarró

10:00     Discussion



Session 7B: Wetlands and Estuaries

Chair: Mustafa Işıloğlu


09:00     An Observatory for Monitoring Mediterranean Wetlands

                C. Perennou, C. Beltrame, T. Galewski, L.Chazee and A. Guelmami

09:20     Isahaya Bay, Freshwater Lake to an Estuary Again

                Y. Hayami and T.Hamada

09:40     Discussion


Session 7C: Coastal Landscapes

Chair: Ruben Kos’yan


09:00     Methods of Strategic Environmental Assessment for Coastal Landscapes

                G. Gogoberidze, J. Lednova, S. Oganova, M. Lazareva and E. Ezernitskaya

09:20     Coastal Scenic Evaluation, Nador Province, Morocco

                A. Williams, A. Ergin, K. Stepanova and A. Khattabi

09:40     Seascape Metrics for the Mediterranean Sea: A Case Study

                M. S. Nowell, L. Salvati and F. Breton

10:00     Discussion


10:20     Coffee Break



Session 9A: Chesapeake Bay

Chair: David Carroll


10:50     Communicating Chesapeake Bay Health

                D. Nemazie, A. Pelsinsky and W. C. Dennison

11:10     Bay Restoration Goals and Stakeholder Involvement

                L. Currey, J. George and T. Thornton

11:30     Equity in TMDL Allocations

                L. Currey, J. George, V. Amin and T. Thornton

11:50     Applying BayStat to Restore Chesapeake Bay

                D. Goshorn and D. Nemazie

12:10     Discussion



Session 8B: Coastal and Marine Ecosystems 3

Chair: Gerard Pergent


10:50     Trophic Dilution of PAHs through Benthic Food Web in Tidal Flat

                S. Otani, I. Tamura, H. Yamamoto, Y. Kozuki and Y. Shimizu

11:10     Macro and Microscopic Gonads Evaluation, Case of Merluccius merluccius

                W. Khoufi, R. Ferreri, H. Jaziri, S. El Fehri, A. Gargano, S. Mangano, S. Ben Meriem, M. S.Romdhane, A. Bonanno and G. Basilone

11:30     Subsurface Chlorophyll Maximum in a Stratified Estuary

                A. Kasai, T. Funahashi, K. Anbutsu, K. Ishii, M. Ueno and Y. Yamashita

11:50     Caspian Sea Impact on Gastropods Temporal and Spatial Variation

                H. Khoshravan and A. Khoshravan

12:10     Discussion



Session 8C: Marine Litter: MARLISCO Project Special Session

Chair: Allan T. Williams


10:50     A Novel Best Practices Approach: the MARLISCO Case

                X. I. Loizidou, M. I. Loizides and D. L. Orthodoxou

11:10     Marine Litter: Social Awareness and Co-responsibility

                J. M. Veiga, T. K. Doyle, B. Hartley, R. Thompson, P. Kershaw, T. Vlachogianni, I. Alampei, D. L. Orthodoxou, X. I. Loizidou, M. Mossbauer and                 L. Alcaro

11:30     Microplastics in the Solent Estuarine Complex, UK: Threat and Implications for Management     

                A. Gallagher, A. Rees, R. Rowe, J. Stevens  and P. Wright

11:50     Discussion


12:30     Lunch Break


14:30     The MEDCOAST Experience over 20 years (1993 – 2013) and the Future Ahead – An Open Discussion Session


16:00     Coffee Break


16:30     Congress Closing Session

Chair: Erdal Özhan – Masataka Watanabe


Evening:     Congress Dinner



03 November 2013; Sunday:       Technical Field Trip to Gökova Bays SPA and the Sedir Island

04 November 2013, Monday:     Post-Conference Tours & Departures


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