The Fourth International Training Programme on


13 - 17 July 1999, Valletta, Malta




  • Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Insular Coastal Dynamics (ICoD) at the Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta
  • MEDCOAST Secretariat, Middle East Technical University, Turkey


  • International Ocean Institute
  • The Department of Environment, Government of Malta, Malta
  • PEW Fellows Programme in Marine Conservation.

Background and Objectives to the Training Course:

To fully and competently address coastal and beach management issues a knowledge of the various factors impinging on this special area is required. A skilled beach manager should be conversant with topics such as coastal dynamics, principles of coastal engineering, beach ecology, water quality, patterns of beach use. These are a few among the factors which will, in the long-term, heavily influence and partly determine the fate, not only of the beach itself but also of the surrounding coastal and marine environment.

The positive participant reaction to the First Training Course On Beach Management organised in 1995 in Erice, Italy has led to the launch of a series of International Workshop/Training Programmes on Beach Management, within which this current training course is the fourth. The other two events were held in Gozo, Malta (1996) and Varna, Bulgaria (1997). The objective of the intensive but high calibre training series is to disseminate knowledge and to provide training on coastal zone management issues specific to beaches. In this connection, coastal change issues will be addressed during the training course in Malta; in particular, those processes influencing beach management and related policy making will be given priority attention.

The course also offers excellent opportunities for participants interested in beach and coastal management to initiate a network of contacts with fellow alumni and faculty working in a common area of interest within the MEDCOAST Network. The training series are designed to be highly interactive and to include discussion time within an informal and friendly atmosphere as well as to give a perspective to the region’s beach management problems by drawing on the participants’ presentations and experiences.

Course Content:

The Fourth International Training Programme on Beach Management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea was held in Malta on 13th - 17th July 1999. Within the objective of the course to disseminate knowledge and provide training on issues related to beach management, special reference was made to:

  • Mediterranean and Black Sea beaches
  • Beach dynamics
  • Linear and pocket beaches
  • Beach and dune ecology
  • Engineering aspects
  • Artificial Beaches and Beach nourishment
  • Water quality
  • Litter management
  • Touristic / Recreational uses
  • Beach ratings and awards, implementation of the Blue Flag system
  • Beach management guidelines
  • The implementation of the Blue Flag award system
  • Data management/GIS

Training sessions included invited lectures, computer and audio-visual demos, group discussions on selected topics and a field/observation trip to three Maltese beaches - Ghajn Tuffieha, St George’s Bay; St Julians and Pretty Bay, Birzebbuga.

Participants were also expected to make a short presentation related to their country’s beach amenities and related problems; this material was used as the basis of discussion sessions.

Faculty Members:

Mark Cacciattolo
Field Services Unit, Project House
Beltissebh, Floriana, Malta
Tel: +356 242691
Fax: +356 243586


Pio Farrugia
Field Services Unit, Project House
Beltissebh, Floriana, Malta
Tel: +356 242691
Fax: +356 243586


Thomas Harmsworth
Field Services Unit, Project House
Beltissebh, Floriana, Malta
Tel: +356 242691
Fax: +356 243586


Edwin Lanfranco
Department Biology, Faculty of Sciences
University of Malta, Msida  MSD 06, Malta
Tel: +356 342488
Fax: +356 342488 / 312110 


Anton Micallef
European Center on Insular Coastal Dynamics
Foundation for International Studies
Univ. ofMalta, St. Paul Street, Valletta, Malta
Tel: +356 240746
Fax: +356 245764


Erdal Özhan
Civil Engineering Department
Middle East Technical University
06531, Ankara,  Turkey
Tel: +90 312 210 5429/35
Fax: +90 312 210 1412


Kathy Pond
European Centre for Environment and Health
WHO Rome Division
Via Francesco Crispi, 10,  00187  Rome, Italy
Tel: +390 6 487751
Fax: +390 6 4877599


Piero Ruol
Dipartimento di Ingegneria
Marittima e Geotecnica
Universita di Padova
Via Ognissanti, 39,   35129 Padova, Italy
Tel: +390 49 8277905
Fax: +390 49 8277888


Allan T. Williams
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Bath Spa University College
Newton Park, Bath, UK


Participant List:

Abd-Allah Aly Mohammed Aly
National Institute Of Oceanography
479 El-Horria St. Bokely
Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: 203 543 19 16
Fax: 1209 5431916


Aksissou Mustapha
Tetouan University
Dept. Of Biology
B.P. 21 21 Tetouan, Morocco
Tel: 212 9 96 20 06
Fax: 212 9 99 45 00


Badran Mohammed
University Of Jordan
Marine Science Station
Aqaba Po Box 1072 Jordan
Tel: 962 3 201 5144/5
Fax: 962 3 201 3674


Borg Joseph
1, Bishop Pace Str.,
Mellieha, Spb 01 Malta
Tel: 356 521333
Fax: 356 521666


Abelson Avigdor
Institute For Nature Conservation Research
Ramat Aviv, 69978 Israel
Tel: 972 3 6407690/9813
Fax: 972 3 6407304
E-mail: il


Atik Meryem 
University Of Cukurova
Faculty Of Agriculture,
Dept. Of Landscape Architecture
01330 Balcali, Adana, Turkey
Tel: +90 322 3386189
Fax: +90 322 3386189
E-mail: tr


Bonnici Kurt
”Le Arti”, V. Vassallo Str,
Misrah Kola, Attard Bzn
Q5 Malta
Tel: 356 415378
Fax: 356 415378


Cengic Selma
Hydro-Engineering Institute
1 Stjepana Tomica Str, Sarajevo
71000 Bosnia + Herzegovina
Tel 387 71 212466/7
Fax 387 71 207 949
E-mail: ba


Stevens Darrin
Environmental Protection Department
Floriana Cmr 02, Malta
Tel: 356 244981/232022
Fax: 356 241378


Tanti Christine
Environmental Protection Department
Floriana Cmr 02, Malta
Tel: 356 244981/232022
Fax: 356 241378


Uras Atila
Society For The Protection Of Nature
Pk 599 Ulus 06520,
Ankara, Turkey
Tel: 90 312 3103303
Fax: 90 312 3106642


Vershinin Alexander
Laboratory Of Coastal Ecosystems
Pp Shirshov Institute Of Oceanology Ras
Nakhimovsky Prosp. 36
117851 Moscow, Russia
Tel: 7 095 1247996
Fax: 7 095 1245983
E-mail: –


Talay Ilkden
Ankara University
Faculty Of Architecture 06110
Diskapi, Ankara, Turkey
Fax: 90 312 419 8316
E-mail: tc


Hamad Noura Touati
Women For Sustainable Development
Bp 377, 7 Rue Remada,
2000 Bardo, Tunis Tunisia
Tel: 216 1 510714
Fax: 216 1 510714


Velikova Violeta
Institute Of Fishing Resources
4, Primorski Bul, Po Box 72,
Varna-9000, Bulgaria
Tel: 359 52 257876
Fax: 356 52 257876


Zammit Alexei
82, Triq I-Imsida
Santa Venera,
Hmr 11, Malta
Tel: 356 244695


Gauci Joseph
Spring Flats No: 3
Tal-Wej Road
Mosta, Malta
Tel: 356 419018
Fax: 356 243036


Grech Prassede
Environmental Protection Dept.
Pollution Control Coordinating Unit
Starkey Annex, Vittoriosa
Tel: 356 803937
Fax: 356 660108


Ibrahim Sherine
American Univ.
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: 202 3419718
Fax: 202 3444429


Micallef Dorianne
Projects House
Beltissebh, Floriana
Tel: 356 221411
Fax: 356 247751


Mifsud Shirley
Projects House
Beltissebh, Floriana
Tel: 356 221411
Fax: 356 247751


Nam Jungho
Korea Maritime Institute
154-10, Samsung-Dong
Seoul, 135-090
Tel: 82 2 34043072
Fax: 82 2 34043079


Radchenko Victoria
Institute Of Biology Of The Southern Sea
National Academy Of Science Of The Ukraine
Nakhimov Av, 3/2
335011 Sevastopol
Tel: 380 692 545249
Fax: 380 692 592813


Nimer Safi
Epri - Environmental Protection
And Research Institute
P.O. Box 1175, Gaza Strip
Tel: 972 7 2822131/1762
Fax: 972 7 2823441


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