2-5 November 1993, Antalya, Turkey

2-5 November 1993, Dedeman Hotel, Antalya, Turkey.



Participants of MEDCOAST 93, representing 26 countries, concluded and recommended the followings as the outcome of discussions which took place in the Closing Session:

  • Presently, most Mediterranean and Black Sea countries are yet to implement successful integrated coastal zone management practices for achieving sustainable development of their coastal and sea areas. In addition to the necessity of integrating the interests of various competing sectors in these areas, integration of the contributions of science, administration and local people (NGO's) is essentiaL.


  • Coastal zone management efforts need to be integrated with scientific inputs, and a better level of scientific inputs are needed for improved coastal zone management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Environmental education of people on coastal and sea issues, and development of human resources needed for successful management are also apparent priority areas.


  • Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of UNEP must be revitalized in order to meet the Agenda 21 goals. Along this direction:
    1. MAP priorities must be reset in the light of the Agenda 21 goals.
    2. activities need to use more broadly the scientific and professional potentials and inputs.
    3. Non-governmental organizations and the industry should essentially be involved.
    4. MAP should serve as a medium for nations to benefit from national experiences of each other related to coastal zone management practices.
    5. MAP should not aim to develop within their system, various expertise needed for integrated coastal zone management. It should rather cooperate with the already existing scientific and professional centres


  • A dedicated, continuous monitoring project must be made operational urgently for the protection of the Mediterranean. This basinwide, international project should continuously monitor and assess the status of the coastal and marine resources, their use patterns, and the changing human values in relation to these uses. Such a project can only be achieved through significant efforts of a Mediterranean network of scientific professional centres.


  • Tourism Development is a major issue in the management of the Mediterranean coastal areas. 65 percent of the coastal areas of the Mediterranean has already been developed. An additional 10 percent will be developed in the next few years. Tourism development, which may be both a menace and an opportunity for conservation, should certainly be integrated within a broader coastal zone management perspective. The eco or sustainable tourism projects inherently possess significant potential threats for degradation of pristine and environmentally sensitive sites.


  • The present management practices and preservation levels of special areas (both natural and cultural), which are very important both in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, need to be improved. Scientific inputs should be utilized at higher levels for the management of these sites Economical tools, such as entrance fees, should be fully used in order to generate funds for achieving better management levels.


  • As a policy decision, further development should be concentrated in already developed areas and pristine areas should be set aside for no development of any kind, in order to preserve the options for future generations.


For contributing towards better environmental management of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea in the directions mentioned above, the followings were noted in relation to the future MEDCOAST activities:

  • The MEDCOAST initiative should not divert itself into creation of a new association for the time being. It should develop as a regional network of scientific and professional organizations, and of other interested parties.


  • The MEDCOAST Permanent International Committee and Secretariat (MPIC&S) is to be formed and be located at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara (Turkey). This Committee will try to obtain international financing for the future MEDCOAST events. Additionally, the Committee will be responsible for the scientific management of the future MEDCOAST conferences, and will cooperate with all interested groups for conference planning and sponsorship.


  • The proposal to organize the next conference, MEDCOAST 95, in Barcelona during the last week of October, parallel to the meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention in Barcelona to commensurate its twentieth anniversary, is welcomed. MEDCOAST 95, like all future conferences, will be organized by the cooperation of the MEDCOAST Permanent International Committee and the Local Organizing Committee.


  • MEDCOAST conferences and other events should aim a high level of collaboration with the Mediterranean Action Plan. Interaction of both efforts should be achieved to the broadest extent. Participation of political authorities at MEDCOAST conferences, from the riparian countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea should be urged.


  • The future conferences should be managed so as to attract greater participation of non-governmental organizations, managers, practitioners, developers, all other stake holders and students.


  • A greater number of keynote presentations of topics specific or relevant to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea should be included in the program for attendance of all participants. Panel discussions and workshops on important current issues should be scheduled throughout the conference.


  • The major themes for the MEDCOAST 95 are:
    • Critical assessment of two decades of MAP and projections on its future evolution.
    • Integrated coastal zone management experiences.
    • Management and protection of special areas.
    • Status reports on coasta1 and sea resources and their use patterns. MEDCOAST Permanent International Committee (MPIC) will investigate the possibilities for financing and execution of this monitoring project described earlier. 


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