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BAKO ALMA    Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration (MoEFWA), Republic of Albania   Medcoast Institute 1998 
PASKO GENCI    Albanian National Training and Technical Assistance Resource Center   Medcoast Institute 1998 
HAXHIU MIRANDA        Medcoast Institute 1999 
BRAHO KANAN        Medcoast Institute 2004
DOLLMA MERITA    Department of Geography of Tirana University   Medcoast Institute 2004
XHELILI EDA    University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology, Department of Geography   Medcoast Institute 2012

Master of Science in Geography, ProGEO - The European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage

  Medco ast Institute 2014
BOUSLIMANI TORKIA       Beach Management 1995
LARID MOHAMMED       Beach Management 1995
LARBI AHMED YAHIA       Beach Management 1996
LAHYANI LOUNES    Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime Bou-Ismail (Bou-Ismail National School of Maritime Higher Education)   Medcoast Institute 1995 
DJEHA LEILA        Medcoast Institute 1996 
BERRUGUETE ELENA       Beach Management 1996
SPEYBROECK JEROEN       Beach Management 2003
CENGIC SELMA    Hydro – Engineering Institute   Medcoast Institute 1998 Beach Management 1999
GENOV RADKO       Beach Management 1995
ANASTASSOVA LINA       Beach Management 1996
DONCHEVA ANTONINA       Beach Management 1997
DRAGANTCHEVA DORINA       Beach Management 1997
VELIKOVA VIOLETA       Beach Management 1999
ADAMOVA MILENA       Beach Management 2000
DJADJEV PLAMEN    Black Sea Commission   Medcoast Institute 1994 
GALABOV KONSTANTIN         Medcoast Institute 1994 Beach Management 1997
BORISSOVA PLAMENA         Medcoast Institute 1996 Beach Management 1997
KRIJAN ANNA        Medcoast Institute 1998 
GORCHEV KRASIMIR    Ministry of the Environment & Water   Medcoast Institute 2002 
DOBRICIC SRDAN       Beach Management 1995
KRSTULOVIC NADA       Beach Management 1996
KOZELICKI NEDA    Urban Planning and Construction II, Ministry of Environment Protection, Physical Planning, Housing and Communal Affairs   Medcoast Institute 1994 
MARTINCIC BARBARA    Depertment of Economy and Development, Institute of Agriculture and Tourism   Medcoast Institute 1996 
GAMULIN MICE        Medcoast Institute 1998 
GOLEM SILVIA   University of Split, Faculty of Economics   Medcoast Institute 2002 
JAKL ZRINKA    Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce   Medcoast Institute 2004
NAFFAA MARY       Beach Management 1995
SAID MOHAMED A.       Beach Management 1995
HAMED ABDEL AZIZ       Beach Management 1996
KAMEL MOHAMMED S.       Beach Management 1996
EL-SAMMAK AMR ABDEL-AZIZ    College of Graduate Studies, Environmental Management Prog., Arabian Gulf University   Medcoast Institute 1994 
YOUNES W. A. N.    Chemical Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Alexandria University   Medcoast Institute 1995 
KHALIL SHERINE    Egyptian Ministry of Environment Nature Conservation Sector Protected Areas   Medcoast Institute 1996 Beach Management 1999
ABD-ALLAH ALY MOHAMMED ALY    Marine Pollution Research Lab., National Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries   Medcoast Institute 1998 Beach Management 1999
SOLIMAN AKRAM   College of Engineering and Technology, Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport   Medcoast Institute 2012
EL-KAFRAWY SAMEH   National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Science   Medcoast Institute 2012
ALY   WALID   National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries   Medcoast Institute 2014
ENNET PEETER       Beach Management 1995
SAVANELI ZURAB       Beach Management 2003
AKOUBARDIA TAMAZ    Economics, Academic Faculty, Caucasus University   Medcoast Institute 1994 
MZIA GABUNIA    IUCN   Medcoast Institute 1998 
TETVADZE TINATIN    Petrofac   Medcoast Institute 2002 
BAKHTADZE MARIAM    Environmental Specialist at Deloitte   Medcoast Institute 2004
ANASTASAKI ELENA       Beach Management 2003
BALASKA DESPOINA       Beach Management 2003
KONSTANTINOU ZOI   Aristotle University of Thessaloniki   Medcoast Institute 2012
SKOTTI EFFI       Short Course 1995
SHTORCH NURIT       Beach Management 1996
YAROM RACHEL       Beach Management 1996
ABELSON AVIGDOR       Beach Management 1999
BRESLER GIDEON    Marine and Coastal Environment Division-Ministry of the Environmental Protection   Medcoast Institute 1994 
DAJANI WALID AMIR       Medcoast Institute 1995 Beach Management 1995
WEINBERG ARIELA        Medcoast Institute 1995 
DOTEN SHLOMIT     Environment for the Red Line   Medcoast Institute 1996 
FINE MIRA        Medcoast Institute 1998 
DAROM YOHANAN    Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel   Medcoast Institute 1999 
GOLUB LIORA        Medcoast Institute 1999 
PAPAY NIR    Environmental and Nature Preservation of the Society for the Protection of Nature   Medcoast Institute 2002 
MEENTS ROBERT       Short Course 1995
RANDAZZO GIOVANNI       Beach Management 1995
BENETTI SARA       Beach Management 2000
COLOMBO DANIELA       Beach Management 2000
MONACA ALDO       Beach Management 2000
JEDRZEJCZAK MARCIN FILIP       Beach Management 2003
MARIN VALENTINA       Beach Management 2003
FANINI LUCIA       Beach Management 2003
MARSON ANNA    Technique and urban planning, Faculty of Spatial Planning, Iuav University of Venice   Medcoast Institute 1994 
CANGEMI ANTONIO        Medcoast Institute 1995 
DANESE GALANO CHIARA    Coastal Focus   Medcoast Institute 2004
SAVINI ALESSANDRA    Dept. of Geological Sciences and Geotechnologies, Milano Bicocca University   Medcoast Institute 2004
DONADIO CARLO       Short Course 1995
FURLANETTO LAURA       Short Course 1995
GIOVANNI ABRAMI       Short Course 1995
MICHELI CARLA       Short Course 1995
VALENTE RENATA       Short Course 1995
WAKITA KAZUMI    PEMSEA (Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia   Medcoast Institute 2004
AL - NAJJAR TARIQ H.       Beach Management 1996
BADRAN MOHAMMED       Beach Management 1999
NAM JUNGHO       Beach Management 1999
KABARRA NAJAD       Beach Management 1995
KANJ MARWA       Medcoast Institute 1995
GHET BAHLUL    National Consulting Bureau   Medcoast Institute 1994 
MICEV BRANKO       Beach Management 1995
MICALLEF ANTON       Beach Management 1995
BONAVIA MARIA       Beach Management 1996
BORG MICHELLE       Beach Management 1996
FAVA GABRIEL       Beach Management 1996
RIZZO YVETTE       Beach Management 1996
VELLA PRASSEDE       Beach Management 1996
BONNICI KURT       Beach Management 1999
BORG JOSEPH       Beach Management 1999
GAUCI JOSEPH       Beach Management 1999
GRECH PRASSEDE       Beach Management 1999
MICALLEF DORIANNE       Beach Management 1999
MIFSUD SHIRLEY       Beach Management 1999
STEVENS DARRIN       Beach Management 1999
TANTI CHRISTINE       Beach Management 1999
ZAMMIT ALEXEI       Beach Management 1999
SCIBERRAS ANNE MARIE        Medcoast Institute 1995 
VASSALLO ANTONELLA   International Ocean Institute HQ   Medcoast Institute 1996 Beach Management 1996
CASSAR MICHELLE    Chemistry & Pharmacology Building, University of Malta   Medcoast Institute 1998 
BRIGUGLIO MARIE       Short Course 1995
MALLIA ADRIAN       Short Course 1995
POPOVIC SUZANA       Medcoast Institute 2004
TODOROVIC BOJAN        Medcoast Institute 2004
EL HRAIKI ABDELAZIZ    Departement of Toxicologic Pharmacy , Agronomic and Veterinary Institute of Hassan II   Medcoast Institute 1994 
ZIZAH SOUKANIA    Oceanography and Aquaculture at the National Institute of Fisheries Research (INRH)   Medcoast Institute 1995 Beach Management 1995
AKSISSOU MUSTAPHA    Tetouan University, Department of Biology Faculty of Science   Medcoast Institute 1996 Beach Management 1999
SARF FARIDA    National Institute for Fisheries Research   Medcoast Institute 1998 
ZYADI FOUAD    Ministery of Energy, Mining, Water and Enviroment    Medcoast Institute 2004
AOUITITEN MAJDA   University Abdelmalek Essaadi, The Faculty of Science   Medcoast Institute 2014
SAFI NIMER       Beach Management 1999
MUKHALLALATI LABEEB        Medcoast Institute 1995 
DRABIH SAMI ABDUL RAZIQ        Medcoast Institute 1996 
FADEL A. SHARIF       Short Course 1995
ZAWADZKA KAHLAU E.       Short Course 1995
COELHO CARLOS    Department of Civil Engineering, University of Aveiro   Medcoast Institute 2002 
COASTA SANDRA   Department of Civil Engineering, University of Aveiro   Medcoast Institute 2010
PINTO TAVEIRA FRANSISCO       Short Course 1995
SILVA PAULA EMICIA       Short Course 1995
GASTESCU PETRE       Beach Management 1995
DANUT DIACONEASA       Beach Management 1997
BOICENCO LAURA       Beach Management 2000
BURCA MIHAI       Beach Management 2000
CHIRIAC ADRIAN       Beach Management 2000
FRECUS ANA-MARIA       Beach Management 2000
GEORGESCU LUMINITA       Beach Management 2000
HAGI STELICA       Beach Management 2000
KERTESZ LAURENTIU       Beach Management 2000
MALCIU VIOREL       Beach Management 2000
MATEESCU RAZVAN-DORU       Beach Management 2000
POSTOLACHE JULIAN        Medcoast Institute 1994 
BUCUR DIANA ALICE        Medcoast Institute 1995 
NENCIU CRISTINA     Romanian  Marine  Research Institute   Medcoast Institute 1996 Beach Management 1997
BUGA LUMINITA    National Institute for Marine Research and Development   Medcoast Institute 1999 Beach Management 2000
CHIOTOROIU BRINDUSA    Training and Research Center for Hydrometeorological Risks   Medcoast Institute 1999 
STOICA ELENA    University of Liverpool, School of Biological Sciences   Medcoast Institute 1999 Beach Management 2000
COMAN  CLAUDIA    Black Sea Commission   Medcoast Institute 2002 
SPINU ALINA   Department of Oceanography, Marine and Coastal Engineering, NIMRD   Medcoast Institute 2010
VAIDIANU MARIA NATASA   University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography   Medcoast Institute 2014
DREIZIS YOURI I.       Beach Management 1996
KRYLENKO MARINA       Beach Management 1997
NETREBKO SERGEY       Beach Management 1997
VERSHININ ALEXANDER       Beach Management 1999
MIKHAILICHENKO YURI G.    Ministry of Economic Development, Russian Federation   Medcoast Institute 1994 
REPINA IRINA     Institute of physics of atmosphere of A.M.Obuhova of the Russian Academy of Sciences   Medcoast Institute 1996 
TIKHONOVA OLGA    Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University   Medcoast Institute 1996 
SOUVOROV ALEXANDRE V.    National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Institutes of Health   Medcoast Institute 1998 
VERBITSKAYA OLGA         Medcoast Institute 2002 
ALEX SAENKO        Medcoast Institute 2004
YURENKO NATALIA        Medcoast Institute 2004
MATYUSHCHENKO NATALIYA    Sochi  State University   Medcoast Institute 2014
VOLKOV ILIA   Caspian Marine Research Center   Medcoast Institute 2014
BATTELINO LILIAN     Department for Planning, Sea Sector of the Institute for Water of Republic of Slovenia   Medcoast Institute 1994 
ALENKA POLJŠAK    Municipality of Koper   Medcoast Institute 2004
CENTA MITJA   Water Research Institute of the Republic of Slovenia   Medcoast Institute 2010
MEZEK SLAVKO       Short Course 1995
TONIN VANJA       Short Course 1995
GRACIA VICENTE GRACIA    Laboratori d’Enginyeria Marítima(LIM/UPC), Centre Específic de Recerca de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya   Medcoast Institute 1994 Short Course 1995
CRIADO JUAN    SEO/Birdlife   Medcoast Institute 1995 
FERNÁNDEZ PEDRO    ECNC / EUCC Mediterranean Centre   Medcoast Institute 2004
PEREZ VALVERDE CAROLINA    ECNC-The Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)   Medcoast Institute 2004
AGUILAR GARCIA OSCAR   Universidad de Cantabria   Medcoast Institute 2010
BATLLEVELL MARTA       Short Course 1995
BRETON FRANÇOISE       Short Course 1995
GARCIA FORMATJÉ ALEX       Short Course 1995
JAVIER PINEDA       Short Course 1995
MOHAMAD ISSAM       Beach Management 1995
NASRI SALEH       Beach Management 1995
MAHMOUD FADIL        Medcoast Institute 1995 
AL-ALOUL MOUSTAFA        Medcoast Institute 1996 
LEVIE MAURICE       Beach Management 1995
BEN MUSTAPHA SELIMA       Beach Management 1995
TOUNSI KHOUDHIR       Beach Management 1995
GANA SLIM       Beach Management 1996
HAMAD NOURA TOUATI       Beach Management 1999
KHEMAIES DRIDI        Medcoast Institute 1994 
KAMEL ESSEGHAIRI    Arab Platform for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, Tunisian Alliance For Renewable Energies   Medcoast Institute 1995 
SADOK BEN MERIEM    National Institute of Fisheries Sciences and Technologies (INSTM)   Medcoast Institute 1996 
FERCHICHI-SALAANI ZMORDA        Medcoast Institute 1998 
KHALFALLAH NARJESS    National Institute of Science and Technology of the Sea   Medcoast Institute 1999 
TLILI MOHAMMED ALI        Medcoast Institute 2002 
TORKI MOHAMED ALI    Service Coastal Protection, Protection Agency and Coastal Management (APAL)   Medcoast Institute 2004
MILI SAMI   Higher Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture   Medcoast Institute 2014
SEZIS SILA       Beach Management 1995
OZANER SANCAR       Beach Management 1996
ÇETINKAYA GÜLAY       Beach Management 1996
ÖZBEK EMINE IPEK       Beach Management 1996
ÇEVIK ESIN       Beach Management 1997
KULOGLU ESRA       Beach Management 1997
ATIK MERYEM       Beach Management 1999
TALAY ILKDEN       Beach Management 1999
AKAY ASLI       Beach Management 2000
ÇARDAK MİNE       Beach Management 2000
ALPHAN HAKAN       Beach Management 2003
GÜNGÖR GAMZE       Beach Management 2003
SAYAN SELÇUK       Beach Management 2003
ABDALLA SALEH    European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts   Medcoast Institute 1994 
ÇULHAOGLU BESIRE    Keystone Environmental   Medcoast Institute 1994 Beach Management 1995
GÜNER IREP C.        Medcoast Institute 1994 
KIZILKAYA ZAFER    Underwater Reseach Society SAD   Medcoast Institute 1994 
ORHAN YÜKSEL    Ondokuz Mayıs University, Environmental Eng. Dept.   Medcoast Institute 1994 
ÜÇÜNCÜOĞLU ESİN    Dokuz Eylul University, The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Marine Sciences and Technology   Medcoast Institute 1994 
URAS ATİLA    United Nations Environment Programme-Coordinating Unit for the Mediterranean Action Plan   Medcoast Institute 1994 Beach Management 1999
YEŞİLHÜYÜK GÜLSUN    Foreign Relations Department / Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation   Medcoast Institute 1994 
YURGA LEVENT    Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries   Medcoast Institute 1994 
YURTERİ OĞUZHAN    Ministry of Culture and Tourism   Medcoast Institute 1994 
ADAY KADRİYE        Medcoast Institute 1995 
EMEKDAS JALE        Medcoast Institute 1995 Beach Management 1997
KERESTECİOĞLU ÖZTÜRK FUNDA    Department of Architecture at Yıldız University    Medcoast Institute 1995 
KESKIN BAHAR    CSR Consulting   Medcoast Institute 1995 Beach Management 1996
MUHAMMETOĞLU BAYAR AYŞE    Akdeniz University-Faculty of Engineering, Dept. of  Environmental Engineering   Medcoast Institute 1995 
NARLI FATMA        Medcoast Institute 1995 
ORTAÇESME VELİ   Department of Landscape Architecture at Akdeniz University   Medcoast Institute 1995 
ÜNAL ÖZLEM    Eureka Business Ventures SRL   Medcoast Institute 1995 
BIİBEN ALİ REMZİ   Arbirben Construction Contractor Industry and Trade Inc   Medcoast Institute 1996 
ESENGİL AYSEL    Ministry of Culture and Turism   Medcoast Institute 1996 
GENCEL ÇİĞDEM    Blekinge Institute of Technology   Medcoast Institute 1996 
GÖRER NİLGÜN    Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture, Gazi University   Medcoast Institute 1996 
GÜNES ŞULE    Middle East Technical University, Department of International Relations   Medcoast Institute 1996 
NURAY ARZU    Ministry of Environment and Forests, Environment Management General Management, Waste Management Decision Support Department   Medcoast Institute 1996 
ÖNAL İRFAN    Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning   Medcoast Institute 1996 
YILDIZ AKIL    Ministry of Environment and Forestry   Medcoast Institute 1996 
YILMAZ K. TULUHAN    Department of Landscape Architecture at Çukurova University   Medcoast Institute 1996 
BALCI AHMET    Muğla University, Department of Chemistry   Medcoast Institute 1998 
DURUKAN MELTEM        Medcoast Institute 1998 
ERDEMLİ KUTLU HANİFE    Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks   Medcoast Institute 1998 
ERDEN SİNAN HAKAN    Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks   Medcoast Institute 1998 
ÖZYERLİ ÖZLEM        Medcoast Institute 1998 
TİRYAKİOĞLU ORHAN    İller Bank   Medcoast Institute 1998 
YILDIZ SONGÜL    Ministry of Environment and Forestry   Medcoast Institute 1998 
BAYKAL HAKAN    Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks   Medcoast Institute 1999 
DENİZ HAYRİ   Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock   Medcoast Institute 1999 
SAT GÜL        Medcoast Institute 1999 
İNAN ASU    Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Gazi University   Medcoast Institute 2002 
İSTEMİL ALARA    Ministry of Foreign Affairs   Medcoast Institute 2002 
VELİOĞLU AYLİN    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, General Directorate for Agricultural Production and Development   Medcoast Institute 2004
ÖZTÜRK HASAN BURAK    Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Development Department of Antalya Municipality   Medcoast Institute 2004
TAŞKIN DOĞAN        Medcoast Institute 2004
KÜÇÜKAVŞAR SELİN    Underwater Reseach Society SAD   Medcoast Institute 2010
ÖZTÜRK ÖMER   Ministry of Environment and City Planning   Medcoast Institute 2010
VERYERİ NURAY G.       Medcoast Institute 2010
DEVECİ ALİ ANIL    Muğla Province Directorate of Environment and Urbanism   Medcoast Institute 2012
KAMANLIOĞLU ELİF   Ege University, Faculty of Fisheries   Medcoast Institute 2012
ÖNDER SİNEM   Mediterranean Coastal Foundation   Medcoast Institute 2012
ÖZGÜR ÖZBEK ELİF   Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fisheries   Medcoast Institute 2012
SEZER ASLI   Ministry of Environment and Urbanism   Medcoast Institute 2012
BAK OSMAN ASKIN       Short Course 1995
PAKSOY AHMET       Short Course 1995
TOPUZ NURAY   Ministry of Culture and Tourism   Medcoast Institute 2014
GÜLBİTTİ MURAT   Ministry of Environment and Urbanization   Medcoast Institute 2014
SCOTT MARIANNE    (Maritime Affairs), Malta High Commission   Medcoast Institute 2002 
MORGAN ROBERT       Short Course 1995
LISOVSKIY RICHARD       Beach Management 1997
RADCHENKO VICTORIA       Beach Management 1999
GELMBOLDT MARIA       Beach Management 2000
SHVIDOON NATALY       Beach Management 2003
TRIFANOVICH RUSEV IVAN   Natural Heritage Fund (NHF)   Medcoast Institute 1994 
GOLUBEV YURY        Medcoast Institute 1995 
MYKHAYLYUK VALERIJ A.        Medcoast Institute 1998 
PETROV ALEXEI    National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas   Medcoast Institute 1998 
KALYUKH YURY    The Research Institute of Building Constructions   Medcoast Institute 1999 
TCHIJMAKOVA NATALIA        Medcoast Institute 2002 
BON OLEKSANDR    Dept. for Biotic, Land, Water Resources & Econet- Chief of Division of Azror and Black Sea   Medcoast Institute 2004
TORSKA OLENA        Medcoast Institute 2004
LUKIANOVA MARIANA   Ecology and World, Crime, Feodosia   Medcoast Institute 2010
STEPANOVA KATERYNA   The Black Sea Branch of Environmental Academy of Sciences of Ukraine   Medcoast Institute 2012
KALIUKH TARAS   National Joint Stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”   Medcoast Institute 2014
PEJANOVIC GORAN       Beach Management 1995
RADIVOJE VUCKOVIC       Beach Management 1995
RAJKOVIC BORIJOV       Beach Management 1995
RAJKOVIC RANKO       Beach Management 1995
TELENTA BOSKO       Beach Management 1995



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