MEDCOAST has had three components. These are:
  a.  MEDCOAST conference series & scientific workshops.
  b.  Human resource development (conferences, training programs, networking).
  c.  Collaborated research.
MEDCOAST aims to contribute to coastal and marine conservation in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, through improved coastal management practices. This goal is pursued by enhancing scientific and professional collaboration among individuals and insti tutes (networking) in the Mediterranean & Black Sea countries, or elsewhere, for the purposes of:
  a.  Producing means to improve our understanding of physical, bio-chemical and ecological processes taking place in the Mediterranean and Black Sea coastal and sea  environment, and their interactions with human activities, (research component);
  b.  Facilitating the utilization of scientific knowledge and modern management tools in achieving integrated coastal and sea management, (conferences, training programs, publications, newsletter);
  c.  Complementing and contributing to the existing efforts having similar goals, most notably  those of the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP MAP), Intergovernmental  Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (UNESCO-IOC), the GEF Black Sea  Environmental Program me (GEF BSEP), the future Black Sea Action Plan, and NATO  (all components).       


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